Sunday, January 3, 2010

Teaching the Language of Drama: Entry One

Happy New Year to all and welcome to another gruelling semester. Work hard and do have fun at the same time. The results for the short story course last semester was not too bad, but I hope you will ALL aim for an A this time around. You can do this by maintaining or improving the quality of work from what you produced the last time.

To start off our blog response exercise, I am interested to find out how much knowledge of drama you already have.

Please list literary texts from the drama genre that:

1. you have read. Were they read for leisure or for course requirements?

2. you have seen. Were they performed on stage or were they adapted for the film?

3. you have heard of but have not yet read.

Please DO NOT FORGET to write your name and matric number when you respond.

Please respond by WEDNESDAY 6th January 2010
(so we can discuss this during Thursday's tutorial).

Thank you.