Monday, August 31, 2009

EDU 3214/LHE 3250 Topic Two

Well done guys! I'm very happy with the response for topic one. There are a lot of well-expressed comments which I am very glad to read.

Now we will go to Topic Two. Please respond using the experience you have had so far reading literary texts.


Symbolism is sometimes central in a story. It can appear in the title of the story, or in a form of an object in the story, or through names of characters. Settings can be symbolic too. In NOT LESS than 50 words, share with us your experience with the use of symbols in anything at all that you have read. Can the story do without the use of that particular symbol?

Please have your response written in the comment box BY Sunday the 6th of September 2009.

I look forward to reading your responses.

Good luck!


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

EDU 3214 / LHE 3250 Forum Topic One

This is the online forum for the EDU 3214 and LHE 3250 group. I've actually opened a forum at but it is too mind boggling for me to administer the forum there at the moment. We'll make it simple and do it on this blog.

Read the instructions below:

1. The topic that you will comment on is:

State which element of literature you found interesting when reading a short story. Why do you say so?

2. Go to the end of this entry page and click on the comment button

3. In not less that 50 words, respond to the topic set.

3. It is IMPORTANT that you include your name and matric number in your comment.

4. Please have this done by 23 August 2009.

Thank you.


Please take note:

14 August 2009

It seems that you all need to create a google account at and sign in before you can post a comment.

1.Go to

2.Register for a google account, get an i.d. and a password and sign in

3.Go to the blog, click on the comment link and write your comments

4.Then select profile i.e. google

5.Then click on "post comment"