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EDU 3214 / LHE 3250 Forum Topic One

This is the online forum for the EDU 3214 and LHE 3250 group. I've actually opened a forum at http://teachingshortstories.forumotions.com/ but it is too mind boggling for me to administer the forum there at the moment. We'll make it simple and do it on this blog.

Read the instructions below:

1. The topic that you will comment on is:

State which element of literature you found interesting when reading a short story. Why do you say so?

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  1. Hello testing2. It seems that you all need to create a google account at www.google.com and sign in before you can post a comment.

    1.Go to www.google.com
    2.Register for a google account, get an i.d. and a password and sign in
    3.Go to the blog, click on the comment link and write your comments
    4.Then select profile i.e. google
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  2. While reading a short story, the element of literature that i found interesting is the plot of the story. This is because, through plot, we can see the whole picture of the story as the stages of plot include exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and the resolution. Furthermore, through plot, we can spot the use of flashback and foreshadowing techniques in the writing. This is the challenging part as in short story with flash back and foreshadowing, the chronological order will be disrupted and as a good reader, we will be able to capture the whole picture of the story by the help from the literary element of the plot. Besides that, in my opinion, the plot signifies our life as no one is going to be on the top (climax) all the time. We will learn to cope with negative feelings through our own journey of life. Do remember, life is like a wheel. Sometimes we are at the top and sometimes we are at the bottom. Be optimistic as sooner or later, it will always come around to where you started it.

    MATRIC NUMBER: 150187

  3. The most exciting part when reading a story happen to be its plot and also the characters inside the story itself. Plot is an important element because it tells the readers how the story developed. A beautiful and well organized plot will eventually creates an excitement to the readers to read it again and again. For characters, there are some readers who get excited when reading a story because the characters have captured their mind, with the wonderful description of each and every of them.
    As a conclusion, plot and characters are both important aspects that make one particular story alive and wonderful.

    MATRIC NUMBER: 150170

  4. Brilliant setting!

    For me, setting in a short story gives readers a clear picture about the particular story. While reading the story, setting enables readers to create an imagination of where do the events in the short story take place and how the situation at that point of time is. Even though we could not exactly get the pictures, at least we have the idea. Furthermore, setting sometimes determines the mood of the story whether it is dull, gloomy, cheerful, jovial, etc (as it can be anything). More than that, setting can tell us how the story is progressing based on the interpretation made by the readers. Well, it is interesting to fill up our minds with various places in the world while reading a short story! =)

    MATRIC NO: 150165

    MATRIC NO :149791

    Element of literature i found interesting when reading a short story is the theme.The theme of a short story always caught my eyes. This is beacause for me,it may be the author's underlying meaning or main idea that he is trying to convey.The theme may be the author's thoughts about a topic or view of human nature.Some authors will use the theme as the title of their short stories.So before i start reading a short story, i will refer to the theme of the story first for me to understand more.In short,themes from a short story is quite interesting for me and it helps me to understand the story more deeply.

    MATRIC NO. : 150189

    For me, the most interesting element of literature in a story is the characters in the story. This is because the characters are the 'source' of the conflicts in a story which then drag the story to a resolution.In fact, a fiction without a conflict is boring. When this applied to a fiction which uses human as the persona, the fiction becomes more interesting as the readers view the story from human perspective - which applies to themselves as well. Because human are imperfect earthlings, there must be a conflict inside them. Using this, the writer can manipulate each character in the story to emerge a conflict among them as well as to strengthen the story "backbone".

  7. in my personal view, the element that i like most when reading a short story is characterization. for me, if you manage to identify the particular traits of the characters that gear up the story, you'll understand the story much better and concurrently grasping the massage conveyed by the author. there're many types of characters; round and flat, dynamic and static. all have their own, specialized role in building the ebb and flow of a story. analyzing the characters would somehow make you realize their idiosyncrasies towards perceiving each circumstance in the story. in certain cases,we can connote the name of the character with his or her traits which i think the author intentionally did so. for example in 'The Open Window' story, Mr. Framtom Nuttel is described as someone who is undergoing "mental-treatment" which partly suits his name; Nut-a mad person:)besides that, the ability to make a connection among all characters that involved in a story (for example the protagonist and antagonist) would be vital for readers to follow the movement of the plot.
    in short, i again stress that characterization is an interesting element to be focused on, as it 'll help you to unfold the story in depth. thank you:)

    by: siti hamidah ali
    matric no.:150188

  8. Name : Hanan Bin Mohd Nor
    Matric No : 150175

    For me, i think that the most interesting element of literature while reading a short story is the characters/characteristics. for some people who are lazy to read the whole story, they might be interested in knowing a few characteristics of the characters in the story. just by understanding it a little, they can get a big picture of what the story is about. not to mention that some people might get interested in reading the whole story by just knwoing a few amazing characteristics! for example is the character Vera in 'The Open Window', people might be very curious when they learned that a girl of fifteen years old is very evil and imaginative that she managed to trick a much older man than she is. readers will also raise their curiousity when they know that the protagonist in 'To Build a Fire' does not actually have a name. what kind of story that the protagonist itself does not have a name? surely readers will be intrigued to find out the answer. in conclusion, i think that characters/characteristics play a major role in developing the story and influence the readers to get interested in reading and understanding the story.

  9. Ahmad Zahri Bin Asbani
    B.Ed.TESL Twinning Programme
    EDU 3214

    In my opinion,the most interesting literary element while reading a short story is plot. Plot is a unique element as it contains not only stages and development of the story, but also the introduction of characters, the beginning of conflict and many more. A short story depends on plot to make it interesting. It is because, a story with no specific story line a.k.a plot, will not have smooth flow that readers want while reading a short story. Not only that, different writers use different types of plot to capture the interest of readers. That is another unique trait of plot. The most interesting part of plot is the climax. This is a stage when a story reach it's state of suspence. As a reader, I am dying to know where the climax is. Furthermore, characters and conflicts development are affected by plot. In conclusion, good plot will make a story better and more interesting.

  10. Name: Fahmi bin Fahrruzi
    Matric. No. : 150171

    As for me, the most interesting part in the short stories' element is the plot. As the story develops, the plot play the crucial part as it shows the progress of the story. Why I said so? It is because through the plot, we can see the whole picture of the particular story. Moreover, the plot consists the elements such as rising action, the climax, the falling action and also the resolution. So, through them, we can predict the story and it is interesting to know what happens next and what has happened. It is essential to have a plot because through it, the movement of the story is done beautifully. Usually, readers love to know what is the climax as the story, so, by having a good plot, it will create a good story. In fact, a good plot never fail to entertain readers as it has the better story line and will make it a better story to read.

  11. Literary elements is very important in every story, for me the most interesting literary element is the characterization of the story. Without the character the story is blank, on the other words character bring life to the story.In my opinion, character is the part of the story that closely related to our life, so that would be very interesting to know the characteristic of every character. The character may bring the same characteristic as the reader and forsure the reader can feel the impact for raeding the story. The character also open my mind for judging people from the outside, for example the hitchhiker my first impression towards the character is bad but as the story flow. I know the true colors of the character. The characterization of the story also give impact on me as the character will have the good side and that will bring the good values for the reader to gain and because of the reasons that i had stated, characterization of the story is the most interesting literary element for every story.

    B.Ed TESL

  12. Characters and plot!

    For me, things that always caught my attention when I read a story are plot and characters. Characters are the centre of conflicts and without it, the story couldn't go far. Characters with a cunning, cynical, mysterious yet loyal characterizations and brilliant dialogues would win my heart the best. The more complicated the characters are, the more it would attract me to read the story. Then what about the plot? For me, without a good plot, the flow of the story would be dull and boring. Imagine yourself watching a movie with a very good computer graphics, good looking actors and actresses but with a poor plot. Surely you would find it annoying, right? Therefore, plot plays a very important role in a story. As a reader, I can see how the characters grow and interact with each other as the plot develops. Plot also shows the characters' pasts through flashbacks, or their futures through foreshadows. A very good writer could come out with plots consist of interesting conflicts and cliffhangers. In a nutshell, characters and plot could never be separated, at least in my eyes. I could never stop searching for a story with a brilliant combination of these two.

    By: Nor Farhana Binti Othman
    Matric no. : 150154

  13. NAME : Nurul Husna Bte Mohd Noor
    MATRIC NO : 150186

    It is unfair to say i only like one element of literature. To be honest, all elements are important and interconnect to make the short story interesting. Sometimes in certain short stories i found setting and characters prevail all while in another short story i suddenly feel that plot takes over the place. it is too subjective to define my view on this question. However, since i have to choose amongst all the elements, i think i more into characters.

    As a reader, i believe that every writers put on all their sweat to create a character in any story so that the story alive. Even to put name on the character also become a big issue. In most short stories that i have read, i found that characters play a vital element to manipulate readers mood and prediction towards the ending of the story. For instance the character of Ha Penny in the short story Ha Penny by Alon Paton shows to us that a sudden anger towards an innocent child can eventually turn into sympathy. In the short story, i assume that Ha Penny will have a happy life with his foster mother but what actually happen is, he dies at the end. That is the power of character that somehow make me as a reader in tears.

  14. NAME : Narinder Kaur A/P MANJIT SINGH
    MATRIC NO : 150152
    For me the most interesting element in a short story is the plot of the story and the characters in short story. The reason why i choose plot as an interesting element is because from the plot of the story it shows us what's happening in the story.It's like a narration of the story.I get to know about the story by reading the plot of the story. Besides there are many other minor elements that enriches the plotwhich really catches my eyes such as the unexpected events, conflicts, suspense, flashback and foreshadowing.
    Characters are important to a short story because characters make the story alive by portraying through their actions, through their reactions to situation. not only that but the character's speech and their expressions communicate messages that makes me attracted to it.

  15. 'Foreshadowing'and "suspense' would be the two interesting elements in any short story,to my opinion.Though language do play a part in the story,the story line brings the most effect to readers,therefore it spices up the narration which would encourage the readers to continue reading.These both elements make good pair in making very good and interesting story which would create curiosity in the readers' mind. Personally,i feel that writers with good writing and imaginative skills would be able to come up with effective foreshows and suspence.As Foreshadowing is the use of hints or clues to suggest what will happen later in literature,this hints would enable readers to thhink deeper over about the event and make early assumptions before the story ends.Then the reader would be at times be surprised about how the story ends differently.
    Guhaneswwari S.Sivasharen 150150

  16. what i think???
    the element that i think to be the most interesting in a short story is character and characteristic. my first justification is that characteristics of characters in a short story give life to the story. it helps readers to imagine how a character is which will further assist the readers to internalize the story being read. when they do not get reference to refer how a character is in a story, the story can never be interpreted properly and will end up being not understood. secondly, we are exposed to learn the in and out of human or animal characters through the description of their characteristic. this would be pertinent for us in sense that we may encounter characters that we have learned in our real life. therefore, the learning of character and characteristic helps us not only to comprehend stories but also to interpret some characters that we come cross in our daily routine.

  17. The literary element that attracts me most is the characters as they are the ones who make the story so real through their reactions towards situations in a story. Different character may react differently towards a same situation and this makes a story interesting eventually encourage students to be critical. A story line is never complete without characters to react and express their feelings or emotions to get the point of the story across to readers. Personally sometimes i felt sorry for the characters and symphatize them. For example, in "Seventh Uncle", where Noneh was being sexually abused by her own father and uncle. I really pitied her and couldnt imagine how suffering it would be if I'm in her shoe. As such, I don't think a story, is a story without the characters.

    Low Wye Lyng

  18. Name:Tan Yen Ying
    Matric no. 147944

    I think point of view in literature is the most interesting element as it greatly influences the way we interpret a story.It can generally be divided into two types, first and third person points of view. As the story is told by the narrator, we tend to see the story from the narrator's perspective.However, the problem is to what extent can we trust the narrator? Thus. the tricky part in interpreting a story is how should we remain sensible and try not to be misled by the narrator. Besides, the use of first person point of view is more intimate and vivid as opposed to third person point of view. Therefore, I find it interesting how the selection of point of view by the author can has a great impact on the whole story.

  19. Name: Sim Kuan Yew
    Matric No.: 148914

    In my opinion, if the short story attracted me into reading it, it has to be the plot of the story that has had my eyes sticking on the story from start till finish. The plot is the "backbone" of the story, the framework of the story which enables it to describe a story. When we remember any short story; "The Storm" by Kate Chopin, "A & P" by John Updike, "The Power of Advertising" by Dr. Chuah Guat Eng, you name it, somehow or another, we remember it by the plot. I consider the characters, and the themes as the "muscles" and "fat" of the story, for a person may be known for how nicely his muscles were shaped, but without the "backbone", we cannot see how the muscles develop. Thus, for me, the plot is the most important element in short stories.

  20. One thing that really caught my attention about the literary elements is the point of view. When I read the explanation for it in the bible(that's how the twinning tESLians address the Kirzner and Mandell book), it really gave me an understanding about reading a story from certain perceptions. There are two types of views;1st person and 3rd person's point of view. I would prefer the 3rd person point of view because the author is not bounded to any characters. One of the suitable example would be 'The Lottery' by Shirley Jackson. There are so many characters in it yet,the flow of the story goes on smoothly because the author wrote it from a third person point of view. If its 1st person point of view,probably the story would have been one sided and the intepretation might have slightly changed. The advantage of this P.O.V is that, the author does not need to worry about being a child or an adult,he or she can move freely and bring the story alive. Being a fan of short stories, this has helped me to enjoy my story better. As a conclusion, in my opinion,point of view provides me a better medium to understand short stories and to me, the grass in 3rd person's point of view is greener than in 1st person's point of view.
    That's all for now,adios.


  21. I have came across many short stories and found out that characters and characteristics of the characters are the interesting part in stories. I do say so is because stories are written based on a theme and to reveal the theme, characters are needed. Without characters, one cannot complete a story and in other words, that masterpiece is a journal, not a story. Characteristics of characters are important to be expressed as a character is not alive if no description is given to it. For an example, if one says "The man killed her.", the others wouldn't know who the character is and look how if the same sentence sounds like this, "The old man who is wearing a white shirt with blood split on it killed her with a blunt knive." The second sentence definately gives life to the character and one could go into the character and feel it. In addition, we can compare those characters with ours as stories are written based on experiences. I don't mind adapting good characters as a guide for me in my life. On the other hand, I don't agree in having too many characters in a story such as "The Lottery" as it will confuse the readers and too less characters such as "A clean well lighted place" because the reader can't find much information from those characters. Furthermore, the story will be some kind like wierd and more to a dialogue. Therefore, characters and characteristics are the interesting and also important part that I have found while reading short stories.

    Mohandas Naidu Perumal

  22. Name: Anis Aznita Binti Ghafar
    Matric No: 147787
    I think, the setting is the most interesting element in a short story because, we reader can learn more about other cultures, places, way of thinking etc. It can also provide mood for a story and it makes the story more interesting and keeps the reader keep on reading till the end of the story. Besides that, the emotion of the story can easily be capture through the setting. The author can choose either he wants to make the setting be more general or specific so that the reader can relate to the atmosphere of the story. As a conclusion, the setting is an important aspect that makes the story exciting and brilliant.

  23. In my personal view, the element that I like the most when reading a short story is characterisation. For me characters are the element of literature that I found interesting and meaningful when reading a short story. Characters gave colours to the whole story. Different characters may have different characteristic. The whole story may not become alive without the characters; there are many types of characters round, flat, dynamic and static. Thus, the story becomes more interesting to read. Furthermore, the way characters portrayed the message throughout their expression and how they react to the issues are vital in the progress of the story. That is how characters by far the most important and interesting element in a short story. The end.

    Mohd Harith Fadhullah Mohd Said

  24. I would sya that setting element in a story gives an impact to me as a reader. through setting i could see why some characters have their own character trait. setting could influence mood or characterictics of a character and commonly related as the reason why the they are acting in such way. setting also has the power to enlighten readers to make them more appeal to the story naturally as they could have imaginary setting where the story is set up by the author. by doing this, reader could see or understand the story as how the author hope the reader might interprate it.

  25. I think, the most important element in a short story is the plot.Through plot, we will know the whole story and what the story is all about.We can get the clear view of what the author want to tell about.Plot has its stages which can be divided into exposition,rising action,climax,falling action and resolution.Some author use all these stages in order and some are not.All this will make the story become more interesting.As the reader, we must be eager to know what will happen next and through the plot,we will get the answer.

  26. In reading a short story, the element that I would concern the most is the characters. This is because I like to see the progression of each of the character from the beginning to the end of the story. It's my habit to keep referring to the previous parts of the story to make sure I understand the charaacters better. It will be more interesting in understanding the story if we know the characteristics of the characters.

    Hanisah Bt Zainal Bahrin

  27. what i always looking in short stories is the characteristic of the character. character is not necessarily have name,or human. by the creative nature of the writer, with a change of point of view, they might even make a twist of the characteristic.characteristic such as cold person, might be a good person to fall in love if the writer knows how to narrate it. meanwhile the warm and friendly character(in most MLIE short story)is always turn out to be a troublemaker to the major character. so that's what make me feel character as the colour of short stories.

    Helmy Nadzrin Ahmad Yusoff
    B.Ed TESL

  28. i think the most important element in a short story is the theme. the theme always convey the meaning or the reason why the short story is written. usually when we read a story, in the end of it we will ask ourself what is the point of the story? what is the message that the narrator try to tell the reader? the theme is the answer.

    Name: Ahmad Norsyafiq Bin Mohd
    Matrix no: 150166

  29. Anthony Lee Kim Hong
    B.Edu TESL (Main Stream)

    When reading a short story, one of the elements that interest me most would be the plot of the story. How the story develops from stage to stage is something I really look for. This is because not all short story begins like the usual conservative ways. It might start with flashbacks, then to the rising action or the other way round. There are many styles of writing and therefore different authours bring in their story in different ways. Personally I enjoy anticipating what will happen next in a story because as the story move along, we somehow get the gist of what the story is all about. I'm most amazed when the outcome or the climax of the story is far from I've predicted. It's like the story 'got me'. I enjoy this feeling especially when I read short stories by Jeffrey Deaver. It's worth it for me to predict and at the end the author would just come out of nowhere surprising me instead.

  30. The most important literature element that i always seek in a short story is the theme of the short stories.That is the element that i found interesting to be discuses on because,i think that theme is the roots of the story.For a writer,before they will start their story,for sure there must be a reason or main point why they want to write the story.So from the theme we will know the main objective why and what the writer want to share with the readers.


  31. For me,the element of literature that I found most interesting in a short story is character and characteristic.This is because a character represents the characteristic of a person and if the author is good in developing the character,it will capture the readers’ attention.Through their actions,through the description of their physical appearance and through their speech and gestures,the reader are eager to read and read until they finish it.The readers may ask themselves either the character in a short story is well-developed,stereotypical or maybe it is a static character and a great short story is when an authors know how to make the story more realistic and close to the readers’ heart.

    Nur Aqilah bt Ahmad

  32. When asked the question, what literature elements that I found interesting? I would definitely say it’s the theme of a story. When reading a story, a question that never escape my mind would be what is this story trying to show and tell me? Even though the plot is important, what keeps my interest to keep on reading is to find what the author is trying to convey. I’m not saying that other elements are not important or interesting enough, but when I read a story and finally understand what the author trying to convey, it would the crème of the crop.
    A theme is not what the story is about but a message that the author wants to convey, an idea to share or even an understanding. A short story can even have more than one theme. The uniqueness of the theme is that, it could be interpret differently by each reader by the amount of knowledge and social background of a reader. A good story is when the theme or message is understood and can be actually applied in reality by readers.
    So, I do believe that the theme is the most interesting elements in a short story as it goes beyond the text.

    Raja Aqila bt Raja Ali

  33. For me the element that i found most interesting when i read a short story is the Setting.I chose the setting because it plays an important role in the success of a story. While reading the short story that being post, i can find the setting which are the streets and the town. without the setting, we cannot relate the situations that happens between the other elements in a short stories for example the relationship between the character and the setting. Usually the depiction of setting puts the reader right into the story. So without the setting , the story will be not meaningful and less interesting for me.

    Wan Mohd Fadhli B. Wan Saipuddin

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  35. The elements of literature are including theme, character, setting, plot, point of view and conflict. All these elements are important and play their own role. As I read more short stories, I found the theme is the most interesting element rather than the other five. This is because the theme has the controlling and the central insight of the whole story. The theme also portrays the narrator’s main idea and significant message. However, in the short stories theme are not presented directly at all. Theme is uniquely presented by the combination of all the elements in the short stories. The understanding of theme in the short stories will built the resonances in the reader’s mind.

    Themes also can be applied to the reader’s life. This is because themes usually does not specify name of the people or event where the stories take place. It is more general. Besides, the themes sometimes make readers question themselves about the tension which is need to be solved. The more questions the readers ask about the theme, the more interesting the story will be.

    Siti Suraya Bt. Nordin
    EDU 3214

  36. For me, the most important literature component in a short story is the Characterization. Through characters, we can figure out what the story is all about. The role of the characters throughout the story captured the readers interest to keep their eyes on the story from the beginning till the end. The example is in the short story by Roald Dahl entitle 'The Hitchhiker'. If we don't understand the characteristic of the hitchhiker, we probably don't understand what is the story is all about. The other example in the story 'The Storm' by Kate Chopin. If we don't study the characters, Calixta and Alcee, we'll probably didn't know what was the conflict occured in the story. In a nutshell, characteization provide the colour of a short story.


  37. While reading a short story,plot is the literature that i find the most interesting of all.i like plot because, sometimes, unexpected events occur in the story and it will make the reader become more and more curious about the story. in addition, the twist in the plot by the author of the story can be the best and interesting ingredients for the readers.What more important is,the plot tells the reader about the events in the story; what happened in the story and how the author arranged their story. moreover, some elements do enrich the plot in the story such as unexpected events, suspense,conflict of the characters, flashback,foreshadow and etc...

    MATRIC NO.: 150158

  38. What make us to Read… Read… and Read:

    In my opinion, the most interesting literary element while reading a short story is the plot. A plot of a good short story makes us to read, and read more and to read little more. An interesting and attractive plot will make us as a reader eager to read more. The readers won’t just read the story blindly. For me, I will pay more attention to know how the characters are developed, how dialogue is written, and how the plots are structured. There is a wide range of plot forms and structures found in the short story. A plot contains 5 stages that are exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. Climax is the most appealing part a plot. The climax may develop in the beginning, middle or end of a story. Climax is the turning point of a story. It is the most dramatic or exciting moment. Some authors complicate the structure of their plots with the use of flashbacks and flash-forwards. There may also surprised ending in a plot. For example, American writer, William Faulkner used the surprise ending to complex and serious effect in “A Rose for Emily”. Finally, the plot is the important part in a short story. A plot plays a major role in developing a short story and influence the readers to read it again and again

    Matrix No.:150144

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  40. The literary element that I find most appealing in a short story is the setting. Setting describes the mood of the story whether it is dark, cheerful or sad. A vivid description of a setting in a story sometimes can make me lost in my own world while reading it. For example; “ By the end of January, I again found myself awake in the dead of night, the hall hushed , dark, and spiky shadows crouching in the edges of the ceiling,” when I read this line I will imagine myself being in that setting, where I can feel the atmosphere and the tension described in the story. Last but not least, usually when the setting of a story changed, the mood of the story will also change. As if the setting will make us play with our emotion and that is what I like most about it. For me, sometimes it is exciting to get yourself lost while reading a story and setting will do that for you!(^_^)

    Name: Nur Ziatulliana Bt. Lias
    Matric No: 150156

  41. As for me, i choose the element of theme to be the most interesting element in a story. every short story has their own theme. the theme of a story usually can reflect back to the reader's life. the theme of the story also symbolized what the story is all about. it is like narrowing down what the reader will get after reading a short story. in my opinion, in circumstances, the theme can be related to the character in the story too, for instance, in the short story 'the hitchhiker', the theme is do not judge a book by its cover and this reflect to the hitchhiker who has a not-so-good looking-face yet he did something nice to the driver. that's all for now.tq =)

    name: mood faiz bin mohd noor
    m3x num: 150141

  42. Name : Mohd Syahir B. Hamzahtulhikmal
    Matric no:150142

    In my opinion, the literary element that attract me the most is the plot. In every short story, each writer have different kinds of plot for their story. If the plot in the short story is unique and we; as the reader can't expect how the story will go on, it will draw reader interest to read more. The structure of the plot is crucial to any story, where the climax and how the resolution going to be is what i love most. The introduction; where the story start and the exposition; where the story develop are also important part in plot because this part is where the writer gathers the readers interest. Plot is the element that i found interesting in a short story.That's all from me.Thank you

  43. The most interesting element in literature for me is about theme of the literature itself. In every literature have at least one main theme whether it is poems, short stories or drama. They have their own unique theme which is decided by the author/writer. Mostly, theme is about the good moral values that the author trying to convey towards their reader or audience.

    MATRIX NUM. : 150143

  44. Wan Mohd Najat Bin Wan Nawang

    As I learn to appreciate literature, from all of the literary elements that we have, the plot is the element I like the most. Usually, the first thing that I do before reading a short story is get to know what the story is all about. So, whether the plot is interesting or not determine whether I will read the story or not. I love to read Roald Dahl’s and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works. Roald Dahl has his own style in writing by twisting the ending of his story. It makes me enjoy reading his works. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s works is the first detective book I ever read. I really enjoy myself when I can predict the plot but in the end it is not ending the way I think it will be. It makes me smile (n_n).

  45. Mohd Shazawan bin Mohd Dom

    The most interesting literary element for me in the setting. Setting usually are the place or location of the action, the setting provides the historical and cultural context for characters. It also can describe a bit about characters. It often can symbolize the emotional state of characters. Setting also included date and time. It can tell readers whether the story is in the past, present of in the future. A good setting, combined with good plot and strong characters can make the story sold out! Just like Harry Potter's story. Without the good setting of place and time, a story wont be able to gain readers attention and failed to stick them with the story..

  46. This comment has been removed by the author.

  47. Nur Anis binti Mohd Rohaimi
    LHE 3250

    What makes a short story interesting to me is its plot. When reading any short story, plot is such a crucial element since it provides the flow of the story and helps me maintaining my interest towards the story as I would always read and keep wanting to know what will happen next. In addition, plot has its interesting part which is the climax where all the suspense, peak action and exciting moment will happen. Short story also will be much more interesting if it’s not in a chronological order. Though it will make me become confused with the events going on in the story, still, I would want to know what happen till the end of the story. one perfect example for this will be A Rose for Emily by William Faulkner :)


    Reading requires a lot of skills regardless of its genre since to many of us, it is a dull activity. For that undeniable reason, i will look at the element of characterization in any piece of works, precisely in literature to keep my mind awake and read until the last page. I choose that element because in any story, the writers should be able to take readers to where their imagination and fantasy are. For instance, an interesting plot will be more meaningful if the writers manage to make a vivid description about the characterization of each characters mention. The normal innate ability of human beings to picture the events or characters will give better understanding to the readers. Through a clear description of characters, I am able to justify any events occur to the characters because i am aware of the reasoning such incidents happen. Conversely, the poor characterization made by the writers will push my interest to the very bottom level because I do believe in good description or characterization and as i evaluate literature, I will make my judgment base on it.

  49. Read, write and Rock..

    All Plot is ROck!

    Hi there! Let me start first with Bismillahirrahmanirrahim..
    All’s well that ends well. For me the most remarkable, appealing and motivating element in learning literature is the plot. Plot for me bear a resemblance to a sequence of imaginative and creative thinking. Once we are to be found in the hallucinating plot, we could feel our heart, mind and feet are moving along with the story even though we are being cheated by the author but there we can find how the story captivate our interest and attention. Climax, falling action, exposition, resolution and rising action are the parts of element in plot. Sometimes we are up in the sky of joy and sometimes we are down terribly deep in heartbreaking. Where does all this can happen unless you must seize into the plot. In conclusion, curiosity killed the cat. Be patient, sit back and relax and enjoy your short story with the extraordinary plot revealed by the author! =)

    By: Mohd Fikri Fahami bin Kamarudin

    NO. MATRIC: 150146
    EDU 3214

    Literary elements are used by the writer and derived by readers which inherit inside the meaning of piece of works. The most interesting literary element that I always pay concentration on is the conflict of the literature works. A conflict might be internal which within one’s thinking or external which shows the involvement of two or more people in one literature work. Without conflict, a story line will become boring and no meaning of appreciation of works. This is because conflict is a concept of explaining most social lives value and resolution. Without the conflict, we will not be able to see one’s plot being well develop in the literature works. The conflict maybe in positive or negative aspect which can make the story line more complex situation. The conflict do discusses in the literature works in different ways of the writer trying to use.

  51. Based on my study and experience in the world of prose and short story that I have learnt since last few years, I found that character and characteristic play a vital role in any short story. Character can be divided into two, major and minor character. Development of the characters' characteristics can simply change the plot of the story. Some of the author give clues and foreshadow from the characteristic of the character based on their names. In the story Mala by K.S Maniam for example, the protagonist named Mala as it is mean ‘malas’ in Malay. Not only that, we also can figure out the setting of the story just by knowing the characters’ name. Name like Calixta and Bobinot can merely show the story took place around the French society. In conclusion, character is the life and soul of any short story. Without it no story would be alive.

    Mohd Hanis Khairi

  52. Ikram Muzakkir bin Mohamad

    in my opinion the most important element in a short story is the plot. by knowing the plot of the story you can guess what the story is all about. Furthermore by knowing the plot of the story you csn find out the theme of the story. before studying the important element in a short story first you need to find out the plot of the story. this will make your work a lot easier. Findind the plot ts the first step in studying all of the literary element in a short story.

  53. Having examined in depth the literary elements in short stories, I found myself being most attracted to the language employed by authors in their work. Language, for one thing, is the most crucial component of every piece of literature; written or dramatised. It is through the language in a particular short story after all that we locate its setting, understand its characters, justify its theme, study its plot, identify its point of view and so on. Yet, my interest in the language used in literature isn’t based solely on its reign over other elements. Language, as all writers would agree, is the platform for creativity. The kind of language employed depicts the varied styles of writing and delivery of ideas of every author. Among the two styles of language – formal and informal, I prefer the latter. A short story with informal diction consists of everyday conversations captured within written texts; and this allows me to relate better with the story through my daily experiences. Plus, with figures of speech – one of my favourites, I, as a reader am given the liberty to venture deeper into the story when reading beyond, beneath and between the lines. Take for instance, the use of metaphors and similes in the short story ‘The Storm’. Kate Chopin describes the character of Calixta as having lips ‘as red and moist as pomegranate seed’, flesh ‘like a creamy lily that the sun invites’ and mouth ‘a fountain of delight’. These figures of speech aren’t just as simple as comparisons to something more easily visualized but to accentuate the theme of sensuality depicted in the story. All in all, language, in my somewhat biased perception, captures my attention the most. Even if all other elements play dull, interesting use of language will drive me to complete the story :D

    MATRIC NO.: 150149

  54. For me, PLOT makes a story become interesting to read. A plot is a causal sequence of events that give the flow of each event. The plot gives ‘lives’ to the characters and help the reader to understand the choices that the characters have to make.
    Different story will have different structure of plot. The plot may be mysterious, comedy, adventurous and sometimes it is unpredictable until the end of the story. For example, in the story ‘The Jade Pendant’ by Catherine Lim, I did not know that the maid Ah Soh wanted to humiliate Mrs Khoo because she never mad at her. However, in the end of that story, Ah Soh bought the jade pendant and gave to her daughter to wear during Mrs Khoo’s daughter wedding party. It was like twisting an unpredictable event that I never thought it will be. That is why I like plot.

    MATRIC NO:150140

  55. Based on my experience in reading short stories, the most interesting literature component that i found was the Characterization. Characters are just like the heart of a story. The main character is clearly central to the story with all major events connected to the character. By focusing on the main character, we can assume what the story is all about before we reach the climax and resolution. Characterization is what makes the story look real. Sometimes, it may reflect to our own life, or in our society. It is nice to see how the author plays with their imigination in creating and shaping the characters in their story. For example in the story 'The Open Window' by Saki. Saki was creative by creating Vera's character, a small girl that so clever and imiginative. Without Vera being imiginative to create a story to Mr. Framton Nuttel, there will be no conflict in the story. So, again I should say that Characterization is the most interesting literature component in a short story.


  56. I think characters play the crucial role in any story without characters there won’t be any story to be told. Characters bring life to every event as they are the key to the magical land.

    “Every real writer…starts with people and their emotions and actions and lets them make their own stories.”- Martha Forley, Best American Short Stories.

    The uniqueness of every character actually evolves with human in reality. Though it might be a creation from a writer, what is being portrayed in the characters does reflect and mirror us. These characters even define the nature of human being which has so much of complication
    The reason I find character interesting is though character is the fictional characters of a person, it usually portrays a realistic depiction whereby it unfolds the real life human’s traits. Humans change in times and we are not subjected to a permanent stand. Same goes to the characters in a story. They are usually called the dynamic character which is commonly. To learn and know more about how do people act, behave, react, analyzing the chracters does help a lot. There, we get to understand the nature of human beings

    Note that, characters in a story are not only subjected to humans. Characters can be in a form of animals or abstract thing.


  57. Name :Mohd Ishan Bin Mohd Sharin
    Matric No:150184

    All elements of literature in a short story are important and have their own roles. In my personal view, I think the most interesting element of literature is the plot of the story. The plot is the sequence of the story, in other words, it is the way in which in a story's event are arranged. Writers always try to create a story by making a plot in order to make the story develops from beginning till the end of the story. A good plot will attract readers to read more and more and make them become curious of what the story occurs. The plot has five stages; exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and resolution. By studying all these stages of plot, climax is the most important and exciting point, the scene that presents a story's decisive action. If readers always focus on the plot, they will able to identify and acknowledge of the development of the story whether it develops or not, depending on what the readers think in their mind. In conclusion, writers are not able to create a good story without applying the element of plot. Always remember that a good plot will increase the readers' curiosity to read more about a story. Like a wise man tells, “Curiosity killed the cat.”

  58. Name : Nur `Aqilah Bt Rusdi
    Matric No. : 150185

    For me,the most interesting literature component of the story is the plot.Plot is a literary element that describes the structure of the story.The reason why i like plot because it shows the arrangement of events and actions within a story.There are five stages in plot which are exposition,rising action,climax,falling action,and resolution.

  59. Name: Mohd Ashraf bin Mohd Azhar
    Matric No.: 147635

    For me the plot of a story is what most interests me, and I also find it the most important literary component. The plot of one story shows the chronological order of the story. A plot is used as a medium for the writer to instill continuous interest within readers, ensuring that they will finish reading the story. Why do I mainly find the plot of a story as most interesting? It is because, when I read a story, it is interesting to try to determine which part of the story is the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Things even get more interesting when the plot has flashbacks and foreshadowing. Careful analyzing of the plot is most essential for the understanding of a story.

  60. Name : Ahmad Zakwan B Johan
    Matri No : 150169

    I think the interesting part when reading a short story is characterization part. Through characterization, I can see what the character is like and how the characters changes throughout the story. Besides showing the character's appearance, I also can find the character's actions and thoughts, and getting reactions of others. A good writer can make the character become real throughout a brief description of a character.

  61. Muhamad Hud bin Muhammed
    LHE 3250

    I BELIEVE that PLOT is the most interesting element of literature when reading a short story. This is because, the plot is very important in making a short story. It is the story’s skeleton. Plot is a series of related episodes, one growing out of another. The episodes in a plot often create suspense, or anxious curiosity. Suspense is what keeps us, the readers, reading: It keeps us glued to the story because we are curious to find out “What happens next?”

    In fact, the real power of a story lies in its ability to create suspense. A good storyteller will makes us worry about the protagonist of his story and stay to listen to his story till the end of the story.

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  64. Literature mirrors different aspects of the human life. Most of these aspects could only be brought to life in a literature piece through the introduction of its Theme(s). Therefore, i believe one of the vital element in a short story would be its Theme. A theme is presented in every short story and is the core of which everything else - characters, plot, setting - revolves around. The theme is put forth to convey the very essence of a short story. Without a theme, a short story would be deemed meaningless. I picture a story without a theme to be like a rocking chair-that rocks back and forth but unfortunately heads nowhere.
    Furthermore, many at times a theme brings forth a lesson or a moral value which is another vital part of every short story. Discovering the theme in a short story is very important for me, as it gives readers the chance to sneak a peek into the hidden message in which the writer of the story meant to convey. Some themes could be identified easily, however, there are others that would only be uncovered by readers if they were to only allow themselves to delve deeper into the heart of a short story. With that said, I feel that the process of identifying a theme from a short story could be a very exciting and intriguing one. Furthermore, a short story could have many themes as literature presents too wide a scope for one to be wholly objective. In short, I feel that a Theme is the chief cornerstone of which the walls of a short story lean upon.


  65. This comment has been removed by the author.

  66. In my opinion, the most important element or part of the story is the plot. Through the plot, it can help us as a reader to understand better what is going on in the short stories. The reason why i said so is because the movement or the exposition of the story are following the chronological order which means what happens in the beginning of the story will continue and expand till the resolution..

    Mohd Hasif Izzat bin Abdullah Halim

  67. The one thing that keep me reading while reading a short story is the plot. A good short story will have an introduction, and then move to action, have an interesting climax and the resolution will reveal all the things that the readers have in mind while reading the story. For some short stories, sometimes the plot didn't follow the order. Especially when the story have things such as flashbacks. But I think that's okay because sometimes it makes the story more interesting but it must suit the story. A well-planned plot will help the reader understand the story and keep the reader eyes's glued to the story until the end.

    Fariz Rezza Bin Ahmad Subki

  68. name: nurul izzati binti zakaria
    matric number:147313

    For me, the most interesting element in literature is the characterization. The character actually makes motion to the story because without any subject and role, it would be difficult to tell a story to others. The traits of each character is actually making up the story to be interesting or not. Through the characteristic of the character, we can make a further understanding of the story and can guess what cn be happening next.Types of character can be round and flat, dynamic and static. Those type of characteristics can simply drive the story to be more unique as an example in ‘The Open Window’. One of the character that attracted me the most is the niece of the family who is Vera. She has great ideas in manipulating storie and creating an issue. Mr. Nuttel had fallen for her game and was scared by the story that she told. Her character is somehow, making the story to be more lively and humourous. The readers may feel sorry for Mr. Nuttel for being dumbed by Vera or may feel happy for Vera as she had succeded in making a fool of Mr. Nuttel. So, without characterization, the impact and the smoothness of the story, may not be felt into depth as it somehow drive the whole story ideas.

  69. Name: Nurul Hakimin binti Azizi
    Matrics no: 146008

    when reading a short story, i love to focus on the characters more than other literature elements. i put myself in the characters shoes as to get into their minds and figure out the actions that i would likely take if i were they. what put me till the end of the story is interesting development of the characters. where they face conflicts and finally have the solution that can sometimes be opposed to their desire. sometimes, the characters thought are not parallel with their actions. and i personally feel that this situation applies in our daily life too. where our intentions are usually stopped by unexpected events. i learn a lot from the characters in short story and allows me in becoming a better person.

  70. This comment has been removed by the author.


    WHile reading a short story, i will look at the language and characters. also the time background. so that i can relate it with any event on that particular year.characters teach the reader a lot. time background sometime bring readers back to learn history. Salleh Ben Joned is one of that kind. he wrote for those who like history. You cannot read his artwork like you read a normal short story. he is so synical but only if you know what he faced while wrote that story.

  72. when i read a short story, i will focus on the character. usually i try to figure out why the character act in a certain way. as an example i am attracted to vera in the open window as she is a unique character. she is a cheerful girl but tend to find her excitement in a wrong way. why must she does that? is living with her aunt is too boring? that are some questions that i ask myself. besides that, character also 'describes' the story. like vera, the story plays with the reader's imagination. some will think that mr. nuttel is a crazy person but the fact is he is not. it is vera who is playing around with him. that are the reason why i am interested in character. there is alot more to explore.


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  74. This comment has been removed by the author.

  75. we have a really interesting life with many people around us with their different characteristics. we like to listen,talk, share and even talk about them as a gossip. it is our nature that characters around us important elements for us to affect our life.the reason is that we are some times enjoying in our life and shape our life style according to surrounding us. actually our life it self is a kind of story for us, and we are the real characters acting in this story.how those people are around us have significant value, in my opinion for the short stories as literally element character is an interesting and important when i read a story. because other elements are shape themselves according to characters in the story, we can say that plot is nothing without a character, dialogue is product of the character, vs. moreover, stories with well developed characters are quite enjoyable and fluid. if characters in our life are important it is also important and interesting for short stories...

  76. The element of literature that I find interesting in a short story is point of view. This is because through point of view we would be able to identify from what person point of view the story is being told.For instance if it is being told from a first person point of view,the story would be interesting.This is because readers could get themselves to immerse in that story and be in the character thus helping the readers to really understand the storyline.So i feel that point of view is the interesting part of short story as it helps readers to understand the story better


  77. for myself, i consider point of view as the best element of literature in short story. Why i said so is because i love how the application of various types of point of views can actually create different impacts to the short stories. For example, the utilisation of objective narrator point of view (my favourite kind of point of view) in the short story Hills Like White Elephants by Ernest Hemingway allow the readers to interpret the actions of the characters without any interference. Hence, i can learn many about the story itself, the characters and characteristics, themes that are trying to be upheld by the author and what not. It let me to emphatise the emotions, what actually lingers on the mind and states of the characters as well. In short, how point of view can connect us close enough to the story makes it as the most significant literary element in my opinion.


  78. in my opinion, the most important literature element in short story is characters as it makes the story alive.sometimes, we can easily predict what are the theme and symbolism of the story by only focusing on the characters and their characteristics. fot example, in Young Goodman Brown, i found that the names and characters is actually represent the symbolism in the story which i thinks it has reflected the theme of the story itself. so, when i read any short stories, i like to deal with the characters before going further to the other elements.
    that's all.
    thanks and sorry for the late comment as i just notice that i have'nt comment on this topic before..:-(

    Asnira Mohamad Asri

  79. the most interesting part in a short story for me is the theme. theme give the readers the whole meaning and the main point of the story. in the other hand, readers can have a better understanding by knowing the themes of the story. the story will be more interesting if it has a very interesting theme highlighted.

    Norjunilaila bt Azhar

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