Thursday, October 1, 2009

Do you love or hate Paul?

Hello everyone!

After a few weeks of discussing Paul's Case, it'd be interesting to know what you personally think of this character.

In not less than 50 words, respond to the question below:

"Do you sympathise with Paul? Give reasons."

Deadline is on the 11th of October 2009.

Good luck!



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  2. From my point of view, I do sympathize with Paul because of what the Principal and the English teacher did to him. The principal throws him out of school after hearing from the teacher about the wrong that he did in school. But, in fact, the principal should have a nice talk with him about what is troubling him. Besides that, Paul comes from middle class family where he always dreams of to become rich and live a wealthy lifestyle without worries. As a result, he steals from the company and leaves for New York City. In New York City, he buys expensive clothes, stays at the Waldorf, a grand hotel, attending the opera, and enjoying the wealthy lifestyle that he dreamed for. But, when he found out that his father was searching for him, he does not want to go back to Cordelia Street where he suffers from hardship. He chooses death from going back. This is why I sympathize him because he has no guidance from parents or teachers. Somebody should have told him that there are always choices in life and the hardship in life that we have to solve.

    Name: SAW HUA JI
    Matric Number: 150187

  3. Good day. Paul's Case is an interesting story which portrays life of a problematic teenager. I do sympathize with Paul because he is not living as what he should be. First of all is the living environment. Paul lives in a house with an ugly sleeping chamber, cold bathroom with grimmy zinc tub, cracked mirror and etc. He did not get a proper accommodation. Second is the way he is treated. The principal and teachers should have brought him for counselling or at least approached Paul in a nice way but they fail to do so. Instead, they expel him from school. I personally feel that this might give an impact in Paul's life. Paul is also afraid of his father. As Paul has no mother, his father is the one who is supposed to be caring for him but again Paul was not treated so. He steals money and ran to New York City because, in my opinion, wants to run away from the miserable life he was going through. He lived a happy life in New York with expensive clothes and more as what he dreamt for. Finally, he prefers death rather than going back to the miserable life. So, from the view of a teacher, I feel that a teacher should carry the responsibility to take care of the students’ affair and welfare so that cases like Paul will not occur again.


  4. In my opinion, I do sympathise Paul because I feel that he is one of the unfortunate students that I might face in my life as a teacher. Seeing this issue from the eyes of a teacher, I feel that no one understands what Paul really wants.His English teacher,who lead the "Hating Paul" club,only find faults in him,she does not have the initiative to know why he's like that.His principal is on the same boat as others.He expells him from school without knowing why he's being in such a way.On top of all,his father,in order to help him to live on his own,he's being strict to him and this probably might be the reason why Paul stole the money and goes to New York,on his own.No body understands his real interest except for Charley Edwards who lets him work as an usher in the Carniege Hall.This is what made Paul lively and he's really into it.This is why I sympathise Paul,for being unfortunate and not understood by the people around him.



    i do symphatize with Paul because honestly, i think that Paul is the victim of the situation that he lives in. as we go through the story, we can see that the society especially the teacher and the principal does not like him. they feel that he is not belong to the school and later throw him out from the school. they believe that Paul will be a bad example to the other students if he is to be kept in the school. this shows that in their perspective, Paul is a worthless person. later, self-fulfilling prophecy happens where Paul becomes what his surrounding 'demand' him to be. he is not interested in studying anymore and works at the theatre. later, after he is trusted by his boss, he steals a sum of money from him. this shows that Paul is actually oppose the society's prophecy to live a better life but in a wrong way. he lives a wealthy life until later the money go empty and people chase after him for what he has done. finally, he choose to commit suicide.

  6. It's unfair to hate Paul because he did things purposely although they are wrong. I sympathize with Paul because did not get the love from a mother. His life is arranged by the father only. That's why his life became boring. His actions are influenced by the people around him especially his father. In school, he has to face his English teacher who likes to scold him. He did not enjoy his life as other kids. People around him always scold him rather than pamper him except the people in the place where he worked. So, he actually faced hatred more than love in his life. He should not be blamed for his wrongdoings.


  7. I do not sympathize with Paul as he is a person who can't accept or face reality.He often wants and fantasize a life which is like a bed of roses as he likes being among the rich and famous people. When in reality it does not happen to him and he can be one if he really persevere and struggle in his life and studied hard.Paul is also someone who is stubborn and does not listen to his father's advice when all that his father wants is for his own good.He is also a person who does not know to cherish his life when life is so precious to us as he took his own life for not being able to face reality. I feel that Paul is being immature by taking his own life and does not understnd the meaning of life where it is full of trials and one need to be strong in order to face the challenges of the world and i feel that Paul needs to be mature and understand the meaning of life in order to move forward.


  8. I do sympathise with Paul because I think he does not have the right support system around him. To be precise, he is easily influenced by his surrounding. When he is surrounded by negative feelings like what he has when he is in school or at his house, he tends to lie a lot and be a problematic teenager. Yet when he is at the theatre or around Charlie Edwards, he will be a nice and hardworking man. So I think he just needs an appropriate support system around him and he will be okay.


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  10. After discussing Paul's Case, my personal view is that I do sympathise with Paul. We can't blame Paul alone for his peculiar and sometimes irritating behaviour. There must be reason why he is acting like such. Perhaps, the thing that leads to this problem is Paul lack of love and attention from his parents (unfortunately his mother has passed away and his father is insensitive towards Paul). Furthermore, his teachers including the Principal also act in such a way as they do not understand Paul's need. The teachers should have approached Paul nicely and try to discover Paul's actual crisis. As a result, Paul becomes a problematic individual. Regarding Paul's case, society should not point the finger at those who are recognized as 'problematic' but try to understand them. If they still don't want to change, then just ignore them.


  11. From what Paul has gone through all this while, i do sympathize with Paul. There are a few reasons that i would like to give to explain my views. Firstly, the principal in Paul's school was being inconsiderate towards Paul for letting him out of school. Besides, his teacher always hated Paul and often found fault in him. Both the principal and the teacher failed to understand what Paul was going through as a teenager since he was lost between reality and fantasy.
    Furthermore, his father too failed to understand and realize about his son's feeling and what he desires in life. For example, his son was living in Cordelia Street, which is a horrible place to live in. The environment where he was living makes it difficult for him to study. His father was strict in instilling other values in him without realizing that he needs excitement and enjoyment in life.
    Paul does not have a mother and this too have affected him because he was lacking in a mother's love and affection. It was even worse for him to steal money to go New York and experience the excitement in his life and at the end he had to commit suicide.

    Narinder Kaur

  12. Paul is a victim and i do sympathize him for having such as cruel and disfunction father who raise him up in vain. i believe that his interest in art and music could at one point change him to someone better or successful in the future. However, never ending mental torture from teachers and father have influenced him to do things crazily. As human, I not blame him for being different because what he really need is only attention and also love.

    Nurul Husna Bt Mohd Noor

  13. Paul’s case is a special case. I think I do sympathize with him. The main reason for my statement is because he is a motherless lad. As we know, a mother is much more important than a father, at least twice and usually thrice. Without a mother to guide him and teach him ‘emotional’ education, there is no way he could survive and succeed in such an environment. His physical appearance such as tall and thin shows that he does not live in such a wealthy family. True enough, that he even had to steal money to fulfill his own desires. However, I would like to pinpoint my statement here that I think he is not the real villain in the story. From my opinion, his environment is the actual villain. This can be divided into his own father, his teachers, his principal and many more. Such cold environment can easily lead someone to do the worst thing in their lives. Hence, what happened to Paul was actually being derived by those around him.

    Hanan bin Mohd Nor

  14. Actually when i read the short story, i am not agree with Paul's attitude that is rude to his teacher but we cannot blame him totally because he is a victim of the situation that he face. as a normal human being i am sympatize with him because he only need love and attention from his family but he never gets it because his mother already die and his father raise him without thinking what Paul's really want. This leads to all the things that paul do. I belive that if he get what he wants in the first place things will not be like this and he will never kill him self.

  15. I can’t say I love Paul, yet I can’t say I hate him too. What’s happened to him is the result of the treatments he received from his father and the people around him. He’s just a victim of ignorance. Being neglected since young, he tried to create the life that he wished to live in. He masked his true emotions, needs and even creates an image that caused another problem for him. What makes it even worst is the failure of people around him to notice his true problem, especially his father, teachers and the principal. Living in the world of his own, he dreamed of a luxurious life, wearing expensive things, living in a grand hotel, and acted as if he’s a rich person. Lack of love and attention, he followed the advice of Charley Edwards who encouraged him to pursue whatever he wants. Judging him rationally, I couldn’t blame Paul for acting the way he was.

    Nor Farhana Binti Othman

  16. As for me, I don't really sympathize Paul as I think that he does not fight for what he wants in life. He wants to be rich and famous but he himself does not work hard in order to achieve it. In contrary, he just dream about being rich and famous as if fame will come to him naturally without any hard work. Besides, he also does not do his part as a student, as he did not study well and complete his studies. Even though he has a dream, he should first and foremost complete his studies before pursuing his dreams. Lastly, I also think that he does not have the right to take away his own life. Only God, the Creator has the right to do that. This shows that Paul is such a coward in which he choose to die and not face the reality in life. He avoids problems by choosing to die.

    Low Wye Lyng

  17. I do not sympathize with Paul’s decision of taking his own life where he thrust himself into an oncoming train. In beginning, he already knows that he couldn’t live with the Cordelia Street’s life and find it nausea to him, so why not find a way to lead him to happiness? Paul knows after stealing the money he would get into real hot soup(he has eventually planned it perfectly) however, with the temporary happiness he could get, serves more than enough. This is because he knows that if he hadn’t taken this daring move, he would never ever enjoy such luxurious lifestyle in his whole life. To Paul, living in illusion is better than facing the truth and this view of escaping the truth does happen in real life. So the question is why would we want to condemn a person’s hope to hapiness knowing that the person has decided to lead his life in such way? I think Paul he himself wouldn’t want anyone to pity him because he doesn’t feel regret of his action and in fact acted with great dignity.


  18. In many ways, Paul seemed very likely the kind of student I may come across in school in my coming years as a teacher. Though many a time throughout the story Paul lands me in a dilemma of love and hate towards him, I still find myself sympathising with him above all else. Paul, like many others of his age, though attending high school already, is but still a young boy struggling to grow up into a young man. Judging from the environment he is in, his act of deviance in school; lies to his father; stealing of company money, however severe these offences are cannot be the selfish justifications of the blame we put on him. Every action and every outcome is a result of something. With regards to Paul’s case, I can only pity him for the lack of love and guidance. He was motherless and under the strict care of his father. Though stern, his father never understood him and catered to his needs. To worsen matters, his school teachers and principals were ignorant of searching deep into the cause of his actions and lies; yet expelling him from school – which complicated things even more. Ultimately, when push comes to shove, he resorted to living his fantasy in eternity through death. Had he only the proper guidance to channel his passion for art, beauty and wealth of life in the appropriate way, he might have truly became that charming young boy. *sigh*


  19. Tan Yen Ying 147944

    I do not sympathize with Paul because first of all he was a hedonist. As such, he never put in any effort in his life. He never paid attention in his study and never thought of his future. What he wanted was to lead a luxurious lifestyle without giving any commitment. Therefore, it is not surprising that he ended up as a bad case. What he failed to see was the hard work and determination that paid by all those successful people. Besides, Paul was also a selfish person as he had never thought of the consequences that his father had to face when he ran away with the stolen money to New York. What he cared for was only himself and he had never thought of how lonely and despair his father will be along with his death. He simply took away his own life when he did not has the courage to face the world anymore and leave all of the burden to his father. In short, Paul's character flaws are the reason of his failure.

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  21. for me, i do sympathize Paul on his searching to find the beauty of life. all this while, he had been succumb with people around him; uncaring teacher and classmates, the principle, his abusive father etc. i assume that Paul actually having some sort of learning disability that his teacher couldn't stand his very slow performance and irritating behaviour in class. he strives to find a beauty patch of his life and working as an usher at Carnegie Hall somehow gives him precious moment that he has longed for. after all, i think that Paul has been victimised by his opressive surrounding in which everybody doesn't seem emphatize with his latent desire to live a better life. this eventually leads to his action of committing suicide..poor Paul~

    siti hamidah ali

  22. I do sympatize with Paul because he live in a miserable life with his father without having the touch of a motherhood in Cordelia Street.He wanted to change his life from living in "dark" to a brighter one. clearly showed how desperate he wanted to have a better life by stealing the money and ran away from his father and his life in Cordelia Street. Though his way in changing his life wasn't appropriate, but he could feel the sensation by living in the way he always wanted. His action by committed suicide is another evidence that he doesn't want to have the live he used to have.


  23. In my opinion, it's unfair to blame Paul for what he has done to his life. i felt sympathize for him as he is just making what's the best for his life. as we can see, Paul can be a good person if he wanted to but the condition that force him not to do so. He wanted to have a better life and because of that he make a decision to steal the money and gone to new york. as we can see, he want to change his hard life to a better life, it is all done because of reasons. Paul wanted to be in his bright side and afraid of going back to his past.for all he had done to his life is just a decision that many human being wanted to be but he used the wrong path to get to it. i do sympathize Paul.

    Mohd.faiz bin yusof

  24. Ahmad Zahri Bin Asbani
    B.Ed.TESL Twinning Programme

    From my personal view, I really sympathise with Paul. It is because Paul is an unfortunate boy. He face many obstacles in his life. Firstly, he is neglected by his teachers as he is problematic and the school authority kick him off the school. Besides that, I am smpathy as Paul lives a hard life. It is due as he is from a middle class society and he got no mother to take care of him. His life is very miserable. The part where I sympathise the most is when Paul decided to commit suicide. It is not a good decision for Paul. For me, there are many ways that we can take other than suicide. Overall, I really sympathise with Paul.

  25. Anis Aznita Binti Ghafar

    I don’t sympathize paul simple because of these reasons. Number 1, even though he got issue about his parent and people around him , as in not being able to meet the expectation of the people around him does not mean that he should just become rebellious, even though people looking down on him doesn’t mean he should listen to them. He should proof to those people that he can actually be happy and successful, proof to them that they are all wrong. Number 2, He doesn’t even try to improve his life. He often sees these soprano singers, all these rich people’s life, their wealth and etc. he should be motivate by these people, that he must work hard, and study hard in order to enjoy life just like these people. My last point is when he took his own life. That is so weak man, for every problem there always be a solution and killing yourself is not one of it. Thank you :)

  26. I do sympathize Paul for he had to face the reality that he did not want to go through. He disliked attending school. He disliked his teachers as well especially the English teacher. Paul has ardent interest in being a part of theater and concert. He met Charley Edward and managed to get a place in the world of his favourite. He gave his wholehearted devotion to acting. He used to daydream as he believed that the reality could not satisfy him. He admired the German soloist and dreamt her being his lover. He was in total exhilaration when he managed to go to New York. Despite of this; he was not contented with his life as he could not run away from the ugly truth that he had to do things that he disliked in his daily routine. In order to live the live he wanted, he would jump off the train and kill himself. It is so pathetic that he has to die to run away from the reality. It is painful to kill oneself just because he or she cannot face the truth.
    B.ED TESL C5

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  28. First and foremost, I do not sympathize Paul. I see no valid reason why I should sympathize someone who actually took his own life just because he thinks that he is too good for the world and that the world does not deserve to have him. This type of thought is simply just too ignorant. What is more ridiculous is that all he had in his head is all pure fantasy. To me, there is nothing wrong to fantasize, but we cannot dream to live in the fantasy world without making any effort to make it real. Fantasy can become true if only he had determination and aim to follow the right path, but unfortunately, Paul was too ignorant. He chose to take the short cut because he has no patience to work hard for it. As a result from his short cut ways, he ended his own life in the shortest way possible too. To me, his action shows how shallow minded and irresponsible he is not only to himself but to his family as well. So for a person like Paul, he does not deserved to be sympathized.

    Anthony Lee Kim Hong
    B.Edu (TESL)

  29. For me, I don’t really sympathize Paul. Maybe it sounds cruel for not feeling sympathy due to his way of life, but what I really mean is the fact that he chose to end his life himself. We can’t blame the father, principal and teachers in the school. Paul himself keeps away from them. For instance, when his English teacher was trying to help him in guiding her writing in front the class, he rudely thrust his hand violently behind him. The father did show his care for Paul when he came to find him in New York. As we can see here, he rejects everyone surrounding him whoever tried to concern him. On the other hand, he should be grateful to be in a middle-class family while there are so many children who don’t even have a home. Paul dreams a lot of having a very luxurious life without hard work. He doesn’t even bother to try his best in his studies or to improve his life. In a nut shell, Paul does not deserved to be sympathized.

    Doreen Tang Ka Shing
    Bac Edu-TESL

  30. In my opinion, I can’t say that I love Paul. But I do sympathize with Paul. We can’t just blame on Paul for what he had done, especially him irritating behaviour. We must think why he is behaving such. There must be a reason for why he is acting in such way. I think Paul is an attention seeker. He needs attention and love from his parents. His mother passed away when he was small and his father is insensitive towards his feelings and needs. Furthermore, he also struggles with his identity. Paul feels that he knows where he belongs, but his family and teachers refuse to support his choices. His teacher and principle also should have not treated him such. The Principal expels him from the school. They only find faults in him without take some initiative to know his problems. As we al know, Paul is a teenager from a middle class family who dreams for rich and wealthy lifestyle. He is a person with dreams and ambitions just like everyone else. This is why is sympathize with Paul. His father or teacher should have advised him about the reality of life.


  31. I do not feel sorry for Paul because he complicates things up. he could have just be grateful of the life that he had but refuse to do so. he imagined and fantasized of having things that are impossible for him to have it as he did not put any effort in making those dreams come true. he let himself drawn and trapped in a short period of dream that he created himself. he took his own life because he is afraid of confronting the world after what he had done. although all his stupid actions were solely decided by him. not influenced of forced by anyone. for me, Paul is immature and not manly enough to face the consequences of his action. and his mind setting is something that is intolerable and so childish like.

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  33. I don’t know whether to love of or hate Paul but I do sympathize with him. In some sort of ways Paul reminds me about myself a long time ago when I was in school. His rebellious nature towards his teacher somehow has a little bit in common with me. The difference is just I hated the school system and I rebelled against it, but I knew what I’m doing and I would never go overboard. However, Paul’s case is a special one. His teacher shall have known at the very first place the reason why he acted rudely and disrespectfully in the class. He must be bored by the way the lesson is taught or he might suffer from the attention seeker personality disorder. The teacher is supposed to meet him in personal and counsel him or try analyze what is his actual problem is, instead not just the teacher, but the whole school administration choose to ignore him and out casting him. The same thing goes to Paul’s father; he only knows how to raise Paul but not to love and care for him. All he knows that is Paul is supposed to follow routine, goes to school, study well, get a job, live a life like normal people do, but he is just different. He needs special attention and guidance. For me, in Paul’s case the society choose to find fault in him rather than helping him. At the end, Paul killed himself because to me he thinks nobody cares for him and he already had what he wanted, all those bogus luxury and attention which as a matter of fact he had never ever had in his whole life. Hey Paul, may u rest in peace…



    The story, "Paul's Case" is an interesting story written with such fine and detailed descriptions of the protagonist, Paul himself. These descriptions are windows to the very character of Paul. It is through Willa Cather's elaborated detailing of the story that evokes in us the emotions which is necessary for us to better appreciate the story.

    The emotions that I've slowly but surely gathered from drifting from page to page of this unfortunate story, has caused a tumult of uncertainty to rise in me as I wrestled for a level-headed, fair judgment of which i should render to Paul.

    It is at times that I find myself disliking Paul for the trouble he has so selfishly caused to the people around him. The actions he displayed - which at most instances, weren't his true feelings anyway, has created problems for the society at large. For example, when he was summoned to the Principal's office, Paul acted indifferent and unaffected by the discipline that he received. Worst still, Paul uncannily uses a red carnation (the color red often symbolizing boldness, and the flower carnation brings across the idea of being distinct) to heighten the already boiling emotions he has stirred within his educators. It is no surprise then that the teachers were in "despair" and should "fall on him without mercy," considering his rude and blatant manner of conduct. However, I think the reason why Paul puts across this rebellious, indifferent front is to mask the insecurities and inner turmoil he feels within him. Deep within, Paul is like a prisoner of his own desires. Wanting with eager desperation to get out of the "world" he desperately hates. Being in the "world of the concert hall," on the other hand fills Paul with "a sudden zest of life." This world in which he wants very much to be part of meant everything to Paul.

    Paul, though not a lovable character, amazingly stirs within me a desire to empathize with him at many occasions. I take pity on him because I feel that deep within, lies a void, huge vacuum that needs to be filled. I'm certain, the reasons behind his actions stem from a deep sense of emptiness and unworthiness he feels in life. Society has not done much to show him the acceptance and love he needs. Most of the time, they view him as a potent "trouble." This made Paul even more rebellious and determined to create for himself a life that could never be intruded upon by the harsh, stark reality of life's "ugliness." He ventured to New York as a means of escapism and found much pleasure. His brief moments spent in the rich surroundings of the hotel has left him satisfied and stirred within him a feeling of accomplishment of having achieving for himself something that he desires. He has no regrets whatsoever in everything that he has done.

    Although Paul did everything so wrongly, I feel a deep sense of regret and sadness that he has to commit suicide in the end.
    The initial harsh judgments that arose in my heart earlier of his character seemed to have waned and fade away as I reach the end of the story.

    In conclusion, I think I do sympathize with Paul. After all, everyone deserves a second chance in life. I am sure that even if Paul were to live on, he'd never be accepted by society in the manner which a maturing boy needs to nurture love and a healthy growth.

  35. Some people are really irritating with their characteristics, for example softy, gay and dreamful and unrealistic people. May be also one more example can be Paul and his characteristics. However I do not sympathise with Paul because of his tendency of being a gay even though it is not the main point but it is a preeminent reason which makes me to dislike and not to sympathise with Paul. For me being gay or softy is a personal choice. Or may be for some people or scientific thinkers this feature is given buy God. But eventhough God creates some man like girl or as softy with their appearance and feelings, this should be considered as test or an exam from the God. Think like this, there is a very rich man but he suddenly becomes cancer while he has been very healthy whole his life. So we think that this disease was given to him by God to test him. Or we can think of a paralysed kid from his birth. He didn’t choose to be like that but God. So he will bare his life being a normal and thankful person. But unfortunately softy, girlish feelings or gay featured people, they don’t think like this. They were created as a man with a feature. But they tend to be more like a girl. They want to be like a girl, dressing, behaving, feeling thinking and even sexually try to satisfy them self as female. Therefore they go against to God creation and man nature. God has created 2 genders show them their responsibilities and expected behaviours. But some people are still unaware. That is why I don’t like Paul and I do not sympathise with him and person who is like him.
    Anyhow if we back to the story, we find that Paul is emotionally maladjusted and living in a fantasy world that throws him from the reality. His dreams make him blind to see reality and facts in his life, and then he became a selfish person also so He is narcissist. He just seeks his happiness by ignoring the some people around him without considering the facts and its outcome, whether it will hurt them or not. He is not good with his English teacher, his father and some others because of his dreams. May be his unnatural gender preference may affect him to be in a dream world in deep and hence to be a selfish. Many of us may support him or can be pity of him because he was a motherless boy and he grew up like that, so he became like this, but it can’t be a reason for him to be selfish, ignorant, or a thief. This is the life and everybody has different problems and to struggle in different way. He could be more mature and realistic and responsible. But instead he is a problematic guy and gay, which makes me to dislike him. He lives in unreal life too much until foolishly to kill himself, so it s true to say that he is destroyed by his own illusions. So I can’t find words to say anything to his foolishness.

    mehmet bayram 14887

  36. In my personal opinion, i do sympathize with Pul for having unfair treatment from his family, and also his teacher at school. As a young boy at early age, he should be guided in order to face real life. with endless fear and risks, Paul is a victim as the society, do not treat him as he deserved. Looking at the story as a whole, i strongly believe that Paul is becoming more inbearable due to the least love showered by his family and society.

  37. Hi there! For me, I do sympathise with Paul because he is one of the unfortunate child to be raised in a vain society. Neither his peculiar action which tends to change him to become that way of living but it is the society who want, who think and who need him to be that way. For example his father who always pressures him to go to the church without ignoring Paul’s need and desire. Maybe for certain extend, when his desire has been fulfilled then it is easier for his father to order him. In addition, an orphan child is the one we must focused on for his upbringing because they do not have father or mother and in Paul’s case he does not have mother which the central of love in this world. In the end, I do sympathise with Paul’s and blame the society for their misguided action toward him.
    Mohd Fikri Fahami

  38. I do sympathize with Paul because he is actually a lonely and disregarded boy. He has nobody whom he can rely on, and there is nobody to tell him which is right and which is wrong. In fact, Paul can change from his bad attitude in school to his well-behave attitude in Carnegie Hall. It is obvious that this pitiful boy has his own interest which others do not understand. As a conclusion, Paul is trying to find his own life, but he fails during his journey of life.

    Amalina Bt Ahmad.

  39. hello my friends...for me, i do sympathies with paul. this is because for me paul is an unlucky child. he had born in a world that reject him. he is a lone boy and he had no one to talk to..
    he also receive unjust treatment from his family and his teacher at school. a young child like him should be guided to the right path.
    i also sympathized with him because he was trying so hard to find the happiness that he always wanted until he become selfish and ignored other people around him.
    for me, paul become like that because of the society and his family. they the one that should took the blame because of their unfair treatment to paul.

    Ahmad Tajuddin Sulaiman

  40. for me i dont think i will sympathise will paul. this is because he had what was coming to him. for me paul is a selfish little children. he always thought only about himself and ignored other people. even though he is a motherless child, he shouldnt act like he is like the only person in the world with misfortune. there are a lot more people out there who were with a lot more misfortune than him. maybe if he become more matured, the treatment that he will receive form the society will be different. if he has a bad relationship with other people such as his english teacher, his family, then he should do something about it. he can work something out to make the relationship become better.
    so, for me there are no need for us to sympathise with paul because what he had done show that how immatured and how selfish for child like him. he should think a lot better before he take an action..

    Abdul Haziq Karim

  41. my opinion,i do not symphatize with paul as he is a problematic teenager. by living in an american dreams, he had makes his life in a fantasy world. he also not an obedient son as he always againts his father without knowing the reason. besides that, he should know that his father being stricted for the sake of his future. back to basis, person has to consider about parents blessing in order to live happily, not by commited suicide that will leads to the shame of the family.

    asnira mohamad asri

  42. As I read Paul’s case, I found out that the story is interesting. Once I started read the story, it keeps me to the end of the story in one shot. I felt a little frustrated really mad ted since Paul chose to commit suicide. I got really mad about it. I do not sympathise with Paul because I could feel what Paul is facing. Society will always be the enemy of our life but do remember that we own our life. To relate this to the story, although Paul hates to live in Cordelia Street, he still has many choices to fulfil what he wanted to. It just the way he did it makes it even worst. He takes things lightly and always takes an easy way to get out from his problems. He should at least think about what is good and what is bad. We always have choices in life. So, choose it wisely with God’s gift, brain. (n_n)

    Wan Mohd Najat Bin Wan Nawang

  43. What else i can say,there a few reason i'll say that Paul can't be blame for all what he did.Because of this story,it help me in opening my mind about the injustice happened in our world. Paul's suicide show that how miserable and cruel world can be especially the community.The poor will always be the same and the rich keep winning their game and this is not fair.There is no leverage of all and i hate this very well.this story had shows that how bad this injustice had took a life.If some people said whether the dead is worth it???and i'll say that it is because at least, for once he ever live as what he dreams for...


  44. It has been brought to my attention that Paul is a lonely boy. He lives in poor condition and totally unhappy with most aspects of his daily life. Therefore, I feel sympathies for him. Paul may seem like the typical juvenile delinquent whose only motivations in life are to mock and annoy others to get the attention he so desires. However, the reason why he makes a mockery of others is not for the attention but to make sure they know he is different from them. He wants to live as middle class people but he does not have money. We cannot really blame him when he decides he would rather kill himself than go back to that soul-numbing world because that is the only solution he can think about in his desperate condition.

    B. Ed TESL (EDU 3214)

  45. "Do you sympathise with Paul? yes =)
    Paul live in two diverge world that meet in between. he always wants to live far away from his old dull life. being treat badly by his teachers and family made him run away and try to start a new life. at the end he took his own life. after a short happiness that comes into his life . to me, the society are the one to blame. it is true that one cannot change his/herself unless they want to . the people surround paul want him to be what they want. but paul never fall for that. he ran away for a life better worth living. he ran away from the unfair treatment and found happiness.

  46. After the discussion had been done, I am not sympathized with Paul. First of all, it is because he commits suicide at end of the story! It is a long story indeed for me to read and it is frustrating just to see a very un-motivated ending. Well, the people who commit suicide are actually living without a functional brain. Paul should change his attitude or appearance in the society he lived if he knows that people do not like him. It is his fault then because he cannot think wisely how to mingle with the society.

    Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Noor

  47. This is my personal opinion taken from the perspective of my own life. I hate Paul, simply hate. He is not someone to be sympathized. In this world, not everyone is so fortunate to live a life that particular person dreams of having. It doesn't matter if you have to live a life you don't like, the important thing to put in mind is how you want to live your life, which should be to the fullest. Paul's acts are different, he wants to achieve what he wants, thinking in his confusion that he would have lived his life to the fullest, but ignoring the fact that there are limits to it. He completely ignored how life is in this very world. People need to work for easiness in this world, putting aside those who are born in a rich family. I despise people who want to take the easy road to success. To me, Paul doesn't face isolation, he isolated himself, not being able to accept others. He's the one who chose to be different, either from his appearance or attitude. He doesn't look up to the life he already has. How should people acknowledge him? He can't even stand on his own. Giving up life, even though it went through mind a couple of times, it isn't in any way, a way to solve something. I would like to write a critic essay on this topic if I could, but I think this would do.

    Just a thought,
    Mohd Ashraf bin Mohd Azhar

  48. Paul is the main character in the story of Paul Case written by Willa Cather. This protagonist, Paul who lives in beauty, believes that money can change his life and identity as a poor person. From the description of his body, we can note that he is from a very poor family. He also suffers the lost of his mother during his childhood. Paul attracted by beautiful things that can be bought by money and the glamorous world of music and theater.
    In my opinion, I dislike Paul’s characteristics throughout this story. This is because Paul is a student who loves the act of lying and makes himself trust worthy no more. He also unable to complete the school-work that being given by the teacher and make excuse about his misbehave. This also led to the disaster of being called by the headmaster and he still shows his misbehavior which lead to his removal from school. Yet, he never understands that his attitude is turning himself into a miserable ending. He later steals from his employer’s money and leaves for New York City. Then, he fulfills his dreams of buying expensive clothes, staying at the grand hotel of Waldorf, attending the opera. When his crime is discovered, Paul cannot face the truth that he need to go back to the place which is dirty in the sense of low standard living environment and finally commits suicide by jumping in front of a moving train. His determination of folly youth should being corrected by the adult’s guidance but not overcome the problems himself by using wrong decision making. He will never learn through his actions which are wrong by not getting help from elders yet lying to them as well.
    In conclusion, I do not feel that I should sympathize on this character that is irritating and unrealistic throughout his life. Although I had a bad impression in a certain way, I still feel that Paul is an adolescent who is wanting a life different from the one we are born into is a large part of adolescent longing. Unfortunately, he use it in a wrong situation by doing mistake throughout his act.


  49. i do sympathize with Paul in this story he is a sensitive boy with an artistic temperament.He is attracted more to the glamorous world of music,theater and art and he also desires the beautiful things that money can buy.After he has been kicked out from the school because of his lying,failure to do his school work and his bad attitude,i become more symphatize to him.The Principal should give him support instead of throw him out just like that.Paul is so desperate until he has to steal money and goes to New York to start his new life in art.In the end,Paul commits suicide by jumping in front of a moving train and this is really a tragic incident.Paul is a young man who died with "unattainable dream"


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  51. In some ways or another, Paul has a similarity to all children, which is possessing dream of some sort of fantasies. The only thing different with Paul is that Paul's has more urge in realising his fantasies than other children. Therefore, I really do sympathise with him.
    It is unfair to say that his fantasies are impossible to achieve. In fact his fantasies of travelling and wanting to live in a luxurious life is logical in the sense that they are achievable. However, the society which surrounds him made him believed that they were impossible for him. He was not encouraged to achieve his own dreams in the positive way. He was expected to live a life his father had planned for him. Paul was different. He knew what he wanted out of his life. He was going to achieve it no matter what. This mindset is not in many people's mind young or old, thus without knowing it, they died even before they lived. Paul lived in what he wanted before he died.
    Nevertheless, I sympathise him for not being encouraged, supported and guided. If he was, he could be more successful than any other kids in his school.


  52. In my opinion, i do not sympathize with Paul. Its a fact that society can be cruel at some point but that is not the reason you do whatever you want. Paul steal his company money to have fun living in a world that is not belong to him. The life Paul dream of is something that achievable with effort and few hardship along the way but Paul choose an easy path but temporary. The question here is your choices colors your pattern in life.

    Mohd Syahir B. Hamzahtulhikmal

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  54. I sympathize with Paul especially when he doesn’t get enough love and care from people around him especially his father. Paul is lack of his mother love that should be with him to guide him and be the person who will try her best to give the best for him. Not only that, his teachers’ lack of care and attention makes him becoming more negative in thinking and in making decision. The teachers should understand their students’ problem and try to help because that is their responsibility of being the teachers. Moreover, I sympathize with the way he has to choose to at least having the taste of luxurious life. he does not get that chance when he is in Cordelia Street though many rich people live there and because of his desire to live in New York City, he ends up his life there by killing himself. Even though he goes to New York with a wrong way, he has the chance to improve to be better person but because of having no one to give him advice in life, he dies in a tragic way.

    Nur Anis Mohd Rohaimi

  55. paul is just another boy next door that try to look his identity and making it into reality. i love him for making such a detail plan when he has escape, but i hate him to suicide but we cannot blame him for suicide though, because we knew a child cannot making such good evaluating of pro and cons and what was going to be in his future after his father has knew of what he has done. what he thinks is only to end his suffer,poor dear paul. i knew out thre, lots of us still another "Paul", though we show our smile to everyone,everyday.



    paul is just another boy next door that try to look his identity and making it into reality. i love him for making such a detail plan when he has escape, but i hate him to suicide but we cannot blame him for suicide though, because we knew a child cannot making such good evaluating of pro and cons and what was going to be in his future after his father has knew of what he has done. what he thinks is only to end his suffer,poor dear paul. i knew out thre, lots of us still another "Paul", though we show our smile to everyone,everyday.


    Loneliness is his silent whisper. In my point of view, perhaps this is what Paul gone through in his entire life thus I as a reader do sympathize with him. In spite of not having mother and being hated by people around him, I do respect the characteristic of Paul that he wants to enjoy his life to the fullest. Not all what he did, was on his own purposes. On a number of occasions, Paul is forced to lie and steal to escape the community who wish to control him and stifle his unique imagination. However, his lying, stealing, and attempts to escape the community, only force Paul into isolation, depression, and feeling a sense of shame for his individuality. I also believe that Paul is rather withdrawn. The lack of affection that Paul received at home caused him to look elsewhere for the attention that he craved. He truly believed that he belonged to the arts. This makes Paul so sad because no one believed in him. All people find the need for acceptance. For Paul, he took that need too far, and ended up dying.

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  59. Guhaneswwari S.Sivasharen
    From my point of view from reading the story Paul's Case, i do sympathize the main character,Paul.
    Paul had an unfortunate life in school and back home because he was not given the choice to choose his own life.
    I also sympathize him because he has no guidance from his father and teachers, as he has also lost his mother.
    As he is not able to think for himself and not being able to evaluate his life's worth, he decided to take his life because he was afraid of losing the life he has in New York.
    I sympathize him because he is just another ordinary boy who had dreams of his own but not being able to pursue it because he did not have the encouragement to live it as well.

  60. For me, I can’t say that I love Paul because he is in fact a bad student. However, I do sympathize with him. There are some reasons that lead Paul to become like that. Firstly, he grew up without his mother because his mother died while he was still a baby. Then his father only interested in making money and seemed to ignore him. As a result, he did not get love from his parents. Other than that, the school teachers and principle failed to understand him and his interest towards music, theater and arts. He was expelled from the school too. I can conclude that society which is his parents and school environment made him to become a bad person.


  61. Well, in my opinion, I think I do sympathize with Paul because the way of his life influences his bad attitude. For example, he feels hatred to go to Cordelia Street, a place where he lives and the environment of his house is very miserable and dirty, with his ugly sleeping chamber, cold bathroom and yellow wallpaper. This is shown that Paul’s life is terribly poor and different with other people and as a result, it leads him to become a problematic student in his school and get expelled from his school. In addition, he steals the money from his company to go to New York in order to escape from his miserable life and he becomes rich. At there, he spends so much money and at the same time, his money is rapidly running out. When he discovers that his father has paid the debt and is on his way to New York to find him, he does not want to turn back into his previous life. In a quick way, he decides to take his own life by jumping in front of a train. Therefore, it is sad that how Paul’s life turns into a nightmare. If he had a good life, of course, he would never become a problematic student in school and will change his life after success in his education and also will become a good man.

    150184/B.ED TESL C5

  62. i did not sympathize Paul at all. it is true that he just want to pursue his dream but he did it in a wrong way. he even steal money and disobey his father. even in school he disobey his teacher. you should treat the elders with respect even though sometimes you know you are right. in this case, Paul should discuss with his father in a good way.

    ikram muzakkir b mohamad

  63. I do sympathy with Paul. In many ways, Paul is somehow become the victim of one's attitude. He purposely did all those annoying things just because he needs attention and care from his surrounding. Being living in such situation definitely forcing him to rebel, and become a problematic students in school. Furthermore, with his poorness, I assure that he must be frustrated and make him a different person.

    Despite from having a terrible life, he has no one to take care of him. He was neglected by his teachers and classmates because of his behaviour. Paul comes from middle class society. So, instead of living an average life, he wanted to be rich and wealthy. This somehow forces him to steal money to rebuild his miserable life. IMO, he had to do this just because he did not want to live as a poor person again.

    The part when I sympathize the most is when Paul is committing suicide. This shows how he has give up on his life. With such an embarrassment and the hardship in his life, he chose to kill himself. It is sad when one's life would change just because of the surrounding around them.

    Fahmi Fahrruzi

  64. For what had happened to Paul, I do sympathize with him. He is indeed a victim of other’s expectations. However, I am totally against him when he committed suicide. To me, what he did is stupid. I think we should never give up in ourselves even when everyone around us is doing so. What could we expect from others if we ourselves have given up in our very own life? I think Paul should think twice before ending up his life because we never know what awaits us in the future. Perhaps, Paul should learn literature too and be more sensible in making decisions. There’s always a pretty, beautiful rainbow that appears after the rain which may make our day a brighter one, right?

    Farah Noorfarhana

  65. In Paul's case, we can see that Paul is a victim of his own life. I do sympathize him because he should have a better life but trapped with some kind of situation where he didn't deserve to face. What i mean here is, Paul is actually doing all the bad things because he did not have someone that can really take care and teach him to manage his own life. He didn't get all those education from his own father because his father is a materialistic guy who see money is the most important thing than a child in life. Besides that, Paul also have his own interest in art but his dreams was not come true. In my opinion, if Paul has someone to mentor him to lead his life and give a chance to fulfill his dream, maybe he won't live in a miserable life and be a good guy.

    Mohd Hasif Izzat

  66. Mohd Shazwan bin Mohd Dom

    From what I understand with the Paul's Case story, I do think that I sympathize with him.I say that because what had happened to him are not only from his own attitude. Paul was just as much to blame as his father and teachers for Paul's suicide. I said that because he had lost his mother when he was still small. His father is only concerned on making money until didn’t have much time to spend with him. He didn’t get much attention and love from his father. He started to be a troublesome boy at school, lying, failure to do schoolwork’s and bad attitude had cost him to be expelled from the school. His teacher also failed to understand him well, especially with his interest in music, theater and also art. I sympathize with him because he only do what he want.

  67. Paul's Case is another interesting story that should be read. This story can be reflects back to our life as a future teacher. It gives us a new perspective at how we look upon our student’s life. In Paul situation, it may happen to us one day on how we handle problematic students and what is the best punishment for them. In my opinion, Paul is the victim of the society; he has been abandoned by his teacher and being expelled from school. I do feel sympathized for him because I think Paul acting that way because he needs attention from the society. He needs someone that would look after him and respond appropriately towards his actions. But instead getting attention he is being neglected by the society. So that make hatred grew in him day after day. After living a terrible life, Paul decided to take away his life by committing suicide.


  68. for me,i really sympathize with Paul.we cannot blame him hundred percent.he steal the money because he want to have fun.we also have to think of his feelings.we as teachers also need to help student like Paul.We should tell him how to act behavely.besides that,Paul also lack of love.


  69. I will give my answer by putting myself in Paul’s shoes.

    He is indeed an unfortunate person because he lived at Cordelia Street. You should know that the residents of the Street always talks about ways to succeed in life and how to lead a better life. Unfortunately for Paul, his father is buying the idea of that ‘Dream’ and that is why he is obsessed to make Paul to be as just what he wants Paul to be. His father is always comparing Paul with the young man which is actually the opposite of Paul. This situation makes Paul to think of his father as a person who just wants to put a show in front of other people if he is able to make Paul to be as what the other people are longing for.

    It is stated in the story that Paul is getting used to tell lies to other people. But do you ever think the reason why he told lies? He lied just because he has to. It is because his father and people around him were always trying to make Paul to be someone he is not. He just can’t stand those people, so, he told lies to satisfy them. By doing that, he was able to make his life easier. The teachers expect Paul to be good in study, but in reality, that is something that he’s good at and they failed to realize that. Just because he can’t meet others’ expectation, they labeled him as a problematic person. But that doesn’t mean that he is useless. He is good at other things, for an instance, he is good at theater and stuffs (or things related to these). I bet that there are some people here who are facing the same problem, to lead a life that was arranged by their parents although it is something that they do not want. And I am sure that they feel exactly the same. And they (or some of them) misbehave as just to attract people’s attention as a way to tell that they don’t like to be treated like that.

    There are some people said that he is only living in his own fantasy. They said that he stole the money just because he wants to feel a little bit how his fantasy looks like. But they are never put themselves in Paul’s shoes. They failed to realize that people around Paul are very unsupportive and that is the reason why it is hard for him to achieve his dreams and ambition. Even his father didn’t want to give the car fare to him. What if those people are being really supportive to Paul and he is able to turn the so-called ‘fantasy’ into reality? I am sure that people won’t dare to talk bad things about Paul and even all of us will look up on him.

    Personally, that is what I think how Paul will react if he answers this question. And that is the reason why I do not feel sympathy for him.

    It is because for he failed to realize that his father cares about him very much. His father wants him to be just like the young man because he doesn’t want to risk Paul’s future. He did like that because he believes what he sees. He knows that Paul will lead a good life without having problems.

    The second reason why I don’t feel sympathy for him is because Paul is very selfish. He wants other people to think about him but he never think about other people. He is just doing things for the sake of his own interest. I can see that he is not trying his best. If he is really has deep interest in theater, he should tell his father about his ambition. Of course, he will understand. Even if he doesn’t understand, it doesn’t mean that it is the end of his life. He has another option, which is, he can proves himself by doing his best to meet his father’s expectation, and then say that he can do better if he is given a chance to do things that he likes. It is not good to misbehave as it is not the best option to show dissatisfaction, it’ll just bring more problems to oneself.

    All in all, I can say that I simply hate people like Paul.

    Muhamad Hud bin Muhammed

  70. Paul's case is simply synonimous to teenagers nowadays. As a human with logic thinking, Paul's resolution to commit suicide is unacceptable. I cannot decide to like or to to hate because sometimes we made a wrong decision in life.However i strongly sympathise Paul because with correct approach from someone who cares, he can be saved. As a youngster, cognitive ability sometimes is limited, and Paul maybe sees the satisfaction he felt for a limited time was enough for him to end his life. We cannot blame all to him nor society for neglecting him, but we can take action to preveent such case from happening.

  71. Do I sympathies Paul? It is a question that is a bit difficult to answer. I could not give a definite answer. For me, the answer is yes and no.
    Yes, I do sympathies for him because he is not understood by the society around him. He is classic example of a student who wants attentions. And actually cannot pay attention in a class. He is just a person with huge imagination and teachers do not see his potential.
    On the other hand, I do not sympathize Paul as he chose to steal to live his fantasies and killing himself to avoid problems with his father. I also do not sympathizes him as he does not do that for his father by committing suicide.
    Raja Aqila Raja Ali

  72. Most of my course mates really hate Paul. Well, I guess, I'm also joining them.I do not sympathize with Paul because I don't think that by ending your own life is the best way for you to solve your problem.Besides, for most of the time, every time he had problems, he'l never face it like a man. He tell lies, escape from that and also never ever takes responsibility out of it. He even stole the money and ran away from the town. Okay, you can say that Paul does not have the proper upbringing or what ever it is that is connected to his background. But, Paul has education, he goes to school, learn something from there and the purpose of education is to make someone to become a better person in life, cognitively and affectively. Paul could have learnt from school that lying and stealing is not morally right. But he still continue to do so because he refuses to change and leave his bad habits. Paul actually has many choices in life, choosing to end his own life is something that I will never tolerate.

    Sorry for my late respond~>__<

    Nurul Izzati binti Zakaria

  73. for me, i symphatize with paul. he never got the happiness that he deserved while he's a child. but he also makes a mistake when he thought that money is the key of happiness. it's also a foolish decision for him when he decided to end his life by committing suicide.

  74. As for me, I think I do have sympathy for Paul. He is a kid who are still confused with his identity. Nobody really tells him how one's fantasy and reality differs from one another. He does not really get any guidance from anyone. Not even his own father tries to understands why is he behaving differently in school and in the Carnegie Hall. Yes, he does commit an offence which is stealing, but I think if his father or someone close to him did make an attempt to understand and console him. That might be helpful and might as well prevent him to resort with his decision to steal the company's money. Therefore, I really feel sorry for Paul because his ignorance is ignited from the society's ignorance and selfishness. At the end of the story, he commited suicide and that aslo did not raise any awareness towards the society especially his father.

    147768 nor aida ahmed
    sorry for the exteremely late response.

  75. Salam Satu Malaysia, Salam Perpaduan, Salam Kasih Sayang, Salam Sesuci Lebaran.
    I do, I do sympathize Paul, but he could have made wiser decisions by looking to other choices rather than resorting to the one of taking his own precious life. Everything that he does in the story, I understand. He is just a naïve kid who I regard as a misfit; a misfit of his society. Sadly, Paul’s society is just as sad as Paul is. He might be naughty and has involved in a series of delinquencies just that in my opinion, he is still just a kid and somebody could have lent him some hands with his attitude. His teachers should be guiding him at the first place when they started to sense that Paul is a bit different from other students. Instead, they dislike Paul. They don’t even bother to find out the reason why Paul behaves differently from other students. Anyhow, maybe, maybe, the writer wants to leave us with the descriptions of the typical kind of teachers who do not really have the ‘passion’ in educating and catering each of their students needs? It could be. Next, a problematic student in the educational psychology point of view is usually borne due to dull, chaotic or short-of-love home environment. Here, I would like to suggest that one of the factors stated before could be the reason why Paul doesn’t like to be at the home. However, I do not agree to blame his father (as the only family member mentioned) solely. I can still sense that his father does concern on Paul. It is reflected through his action of looking out for Paul when Paul went missing. I understand why his father wants Paul to become successful and always asks Paul to emulate a successful youngster in their neighborhood; it is a common behavior for parents as they always want the best for their children. Therefore, it might be true that Paul’s father was not really a good daddy. I believe that it is because during that period of time, the guidelines of becoming good parents were not clearly stated and one needs to explore on his own if s/he is to become one. Unlike today’s world, we have the accessibility to the prior knowledge in many ways. Therefore, I don’t love Paul nor hate him, but I pity him for his problem. To all my friends, whatever crappy stuff that you would face in the future, just bear in mind that we have always got solutions to every problem that we face. Just, do not ever give up and resort to do selfish stuff such as committing suicide which would definitely not just hurting you, but even those who care about you..


  76. as i read this story, i cannot decide either to hate that boy or not. he was just a boy with immature thinking.paul was just like thousands boys outside there who hate school and teachers. it was the 'olders' responsibility to guide him to the right path, not by blaming and punishing him. paul suicide proved the failure of the community in order to fix their responsibility.

    Norjunilaila bt Azhar

  77. First of all, I want to say sorry to Miss Dzelfa because of this late reply. I think I really sure that I already had responded to this post. Maybe my comment are stuck somewhere in the middle of this entire worldwide world plus my internet connection also slow like a sick snail. Ok. For me, I honestly said I hate Paul. Why? First of all, he hates his school session. He did not do his homework. He did not like his teachers. Paul's father did not know what to do with him. His teachers did not know either. He also did not respect his teacher. Paul keeps on lying and deceiving other people on petty matters. No matter how big or small it is, he will keep lying. He should know that secrets can't be kept forever, they would be uncovered eventually.