Sunday, October 11, 2009

Fifth and final entry!

Hello everyone!

Very very interesting responses on Paul's Case! Well done! You have made a lot of good points on how society has had a hand in Paul's misery and also many have claimed that Paul's miserable life is his own responsibility! Double interesting to note that majority of those not in favour of Paul come from the LHE group. I am just wondering if i had presented Paul in a-too-negative way for them to cause such responses. But anyway, great job everyone!

Now for the last entry, please respond to the question below:

"How would your future students benefit from any of the short stories you have learnt? Name the text and describe how it can teach them lessons about life."

Deadline: 18 October 2009

I'll be putting up your marks on the eSMP right after the deadline!

All the best for your finals!


  1. Good Morning^^, from my point of view, my future students will benefits a lot from the short story that I have learn because I will prepare interesting pre, while and post reading activities for them in order to make sure their understanding about the short story. There are two short stories in my mind that I think they would be able to teach my future students about lessons about life. First and foremost is "THE JOURNEY". I hope that through this story, they will not forget their own root, just as the main character in the story, Richard. Although he is rich, he still remembers his grandmother, mother and aunt who still live in the village. He always invites them to stay over at his house and repays them tenfold. Love towards family members is another lesson integrated in this story where Richard loves his wife, children and his superstitious grandmother, mother and aunt.
    On the other hand, for "A GREAT INJUSTICE”, the protagonist, Ah Nya is being treated cruelly by the society around as she is pregnant but unmarried. The society (the villagers) is being cruel to her in the sense that they looked down on her with spite, forbade their daughter to talk to her and treats Steven, who is the father of this unborn baby with pride and respect. I hope that my students will change their perspective on this issue as everyone makes mistakes. As the saying goes, “To err is human; to forgive is divine - Alexander Pope", we must accept those who want to repent sincerely and we must not looked down on women because they are the one who hold up half of the sky and we should respect and treat them equally.

    MATRIC NUMBER: 150187

  2. Mohandas Naidu a/l Perumal

    Good day.
    In my personal point of view, all the short stories has good values which anyone must adapt in their life. One of the short stories which impressed me to most is The White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett. In this particular story, my students can benefit a lot of good values such as never talk to strangers, preserve the nature and always think before you do something considering the pros and cons of your decision.
    Another short story that I found useful for my future students is The Great Injustice by Heah Chwee Sian. This story is very suitable for teenagers especially Asian readers. I do say so is because the main character in this story who represents the women on earth treated biasly compared to Steven, the antagonist. But how students can benefit this story? A Great Injustice is actually discussing about the poor treatment of women which I feel not fair and how society reacts at one's mistake. It actually depends on the mistake been done but for the society, it doesn't matter. As long as they got a topic to discuss, thats it. They will gossip everywhere without understanding the victims feeling. So, the students can see the consequences for every mistake they do.
    In conclusion, these two short stories are just some of the best stories for students. Every story is compatible for students as everything goes under the banner of education.
    To be frank, I can't believe that we are almost at the end of this course. I had a very good time in your class Miss Dzeelfa. Thanks.

  3. hola everyone!!!
    Straight to the point,we are studying here to make ourselves a better teacher.We are being trained to produce good lesson and mould the students that will be beneficial for the future.This itself will make us teach beneficial stories that have good moral values and students will benefit from it.Sincerely, I feel that all the stories have moral values and messages that the auhtors had conveyed in their own style.One of my favourite that I would want my students to know is the story 'The Great Unjustice'by Heah Chwee Sian . Why I like this story is because it has a local touch to it and when I read it, I feel as though it is revolving around me.Frankly, this is what happening in our country nowadays. Girls getting pregnant before marriage and some of them are even underage.How worse can it be?this story really made me set my mind that I would go around 'chatting' with my students,not advicing because things have changed. Students prefer teacher being more like a tutor rather than a teacher.On the other hand,I would definitely mantain my limitation of a techer-student relationship.By chatting with them about this story, I could prpbably open their eyes of mind so that they can realise the consequences of their silly mistake.Moreover,I would show them how the consequences could ruin their entire life,especially words from the society.Im sure that no one wants to be Ah Nya,so I am hoping to do my job to stop the future from deteriorating further.
    that is all homies...adios...


  4. A very good day, it seems..
    After completing this whole semester, i am now sure that i gain a lot from this subject. Each and every stories done in class is so not to forget because later on i will teach my future students any of them. I would choose two stories out of the list.
    One of them is A GREAT INJUSTICE. Even though this story has much to do with adulthood, this story is actually stressing a lot on how we should take good care of ourselves rather than letting our life in a disgusting way. Nowadays, life is seemed so challenging that our students should have more awareness on this. This story has come across my mind because nobody can love ourselves more than we do. on the other hand, many activities can be carried out from this story.
    Another story i would prefer is THE JOURNEY. I fall in love with this story since my foundation in JB. To me, this story has many good points that my future students should have. No matter where we are, we should have not forgetton our own background and also those people who stand by us during our bad and good time. Parents are everything to us. Therefore, we should tell everyone to love and adore our parents so much as long as they breathe.
    As a conclusion, i would prefer to teach my students stories that contain lots of moral values so that they will not forget who they are.
    Till then,
    Thanks for everything.
    I'll keep the DOLPHIN alive:)

    MATRIC NUMBER: 150170

  5. Good day. We have Studied numbers of short stories in the class throughout the semester. However, the one that is still fresh in my memory is The Journey by Catherine Lim. It narrates on a man by the name Richard. Richard comes from poor village family. He put good effort and manages to come up in his life as a successful man.he owns a big bungalow and two lavished car. His soul mate Mabel always goes for posh stuffs. Whenever, Richard's mother and aunt come from village, she would be unhappy. She can't tolerate the attitude which she believes to be too 'kampung'. Richard is diagnosed to be suffering from cancer as he smokes a lot. He reminiscences his childhood in the village, he is excited on how much he likes his life there with his mother and aunt. Finally, he would tell his wife, Mabel of his plan of going back to his village instead of leaving abroad to further his medical treatment. This story tells us money cannot bring happiness into our lives. Regardless of how rich one is, one tend to go back to one's root as what happpened in Richard's life. Besides,we are more aware that we should pay enough respect to our old folks. They face hardships and hurdles to bring us up. As this story is written by an Asian writer, students would feel closer to the situations ans incidents mentioned in the story.

  6. Good evening. From the question given, I think that my students will get many benefits from the short story ‘The Journey’. From the story itself, there are a quite number of moral values that we could learn. First and foremost is in the name of the protagonist itself. His name is ‘Richard’, which can be divided into two words, and they are ‘rich’ and ‘hard’. Here we can learn that in order to be rich or successful, we need to work hard. Students will definitely be able to understand the hardship that he has gone through in order to become a very rich man. The second useful lesson is family comes first. Nowadays most family in our country does not put family in the first place. Some of the parents even neglect their children in order to gain more money for the family. They think that only money can bring happiness, so they are willing to do their best in gaining money, and not in giving love to their children. In the story, we see that Richard wants to have a journey back home, and left all of the easiness in his life to return to his old dreadful life. What he really wants is his family. He is a really obedient son, and will be able to influence students to be in the same shoes as him. Hence, students will be able to absorb the message that the author wants to give to its reader. With that, my future students will have a high chance in becoming the future leader of our great nation. Thank you.


  7. good day...moral values in a story might be the best approach to expose our students to the real life, what they might have to face later on in their life. For me, The Great Injustice by Heah Chwee Sian is a good story for the students to refer as how cruel the society might be. We have to admit that students are easily fall in love and some of them are very devoted to their "love" and willingly to sacrifice everything. Perhaps through this short story they will be aware of the consequences of what might happen to them when society is no longer apply the justice to every one. The girls especially, as being potrayed by Ah Nya, received an equal treament by the society when she got pregnant out of wed lock. In contrast, Steven being treated as nothing had happened though the father for Ah Nya's child was Steven. The society will never change through out the time and may become even cruel to everybody. This story set in a local setting which would be even appealing to the readers, hopefuly to our students.

    shahrulnizam abu bakar

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  9. Throughout this whole semester, we have learnt a lot of short stories and I believe that each one of them provides us with different moral values which we can apply in our daily lives. The short story which I will choose to teach my future students about lessons in life is "Paul's case". This is because I felt that there are a lot of lessons which could be learnt from this story. Firstly, we should value our lives and not just commit suicide as we like like Paul, as our lives are precious and we do not have the right to take lives which are given by God. Subsequently, we should also be strong and face reality in life and not avoid obstacles in life by committing suicide like what Paul did. Besides, we should work hard in order to achieve our dreams as dreams cannot be fulfilled by just dreaming everyday about that dream. We have to work hard to achieve everything we want in life. Next, another story that I will choose is "The Journey". Through this story, I hope that students will learn not to forget their own roots even they are already very successful like the main character, Richard. He still loves his mother, grandmother and aunt very much as he sends money to them monthly and also invite them to stay with him. Besides, he also loves his wife and children very much, he tries his best to provide everything for them. Through this story, students will learn that love towards family members is very important.

    Low Wye Lyng

  10. Over the years in the university, I have read and studied a little bit of literature and things began to unfold to me one by one about what was so special about literature. One thing which kept me interested was the knowledge that literateru portray true people through characters in the story. That was told to us by the owner of Silverfish Bookstore.(hope you know what is Silverfish!)
    When this comes to mind, I tried to relate any character in any stories I have read to myself and people around me. Also, because of this, literature has become more valuable in my opinion.
    One story which I would like my students to study is Paul's Case. This is because to me, Paul's Case focus on one thing which everyone should do but did not do, searching from within an individual on what he or she wants. In today's world people conform to what their society is doing and thus losing themselves as individuals. In the story, Paul did not conform to the society, and he has his own wants and dreams.
    What I will highlight to my students is that it is alright to have their fantasies. "Dream of that car you want, think about the house you want, think about anything, as long as you want it!". It is just important to show that if you don't have anyone to support you and you are alone, it will be rarely positive in the end. I want my students to know that there is a right way to achieve things, but they would have to know what they want first.
    By having that, by starting from within themselves which I hope I can achieve in my students, I believe from that part, they can grow more confidently.


  11. A White Heron by Sarah Orne Jewett

    I believe this story will benefit my students most because it is about having conflict in growing up. It suits the students most as they are also in process of turning into adults. Most of them will definitely have some troubles in that. Thus, this story provides a very good example in dealing with that problem as this story is about how Sylvia, the protagonist of this story, finally makes up her mind and decides what is important for her. Eventually she saves the heron and treats herself as the saviour of the heron. This is an important part because first, the students must know what are important for them before deciding what they should do. Hence, this story can teach them about the conflict in teenage year, how to deal with it and imply it in their life.


  12. "The Journey","A GREAT INJUSTICE” and "Paul's Case"...Oh suppose i say that all those story not related to any life on earth???mostly to the my future students or more specific, youth...Youth is the time where emotion,passion and curiousness all mixed up. However i prefer the story of Paul's Case to be talk on.It is because i think that Paul bring the characteristic of all of us.It is nature that we never fell grateful on what to do we have and we always ask more and more.this story also show how bad community or society can kill a person.Pressure were put on Paul so that he couldnt take it and commit suicide.It is a sad situation because the society should understand the situation.However i do fell upset with Paul because he easily give up.he suppose not to.He pick a stupid way by killing himself.For me he should overcome it as a man even-thought he just a lad who eager to have what he never have.Honestly Paul remind me to a poem title "let me die as a young man death" where the poet hoping that he will die in a luxury and as a young man death.It say dat we should live to the fullest.Neither my students nor me myself, i have learn lots from the story,on the behalf of society and the behalf of Paul himself.and it is useful a lots.


  13. Tan Yen Ying 147944
    "A White Heron"

    In my opinion, my future students will gain valuable life lessons from the short story,"A White Heron" by Sarah Orne Jewett. There are times when we want to please someone whom we like until we lose our true self. Therefore, this story can help the students to be confident in their decision. They should have their own thought instead of following others' opinion blindly. Just like what Sylvia does in the story, although she likes the young man, she manages to insist on her decision to save the white heron.

    Besides, the students can also relate themselves to the story as they and Sylvia are teenagers who gradually realize their attraction to the opposite sex. Thus, by teaching them this story, I can also incorporate some of my views and guidance to help them to go through their adolescence.

    Furthermore,I can also instill a sense of responsibility for nature into them through this story. As a result, they will become considerate towards the environment and care about nature more.

  14. hello everyone",)..learning short stories is not just analyzing the plot, characters, theme and so forth, but beyond that, there lies a number of moral values which are closely related to our daily lives. As a future teacher, i feel the necessity to inculcate these moral values in my future students rather than teaching just for the sake of passing the of the stories that i would surely highlight its moral values is A Great Injustice. The story is about the illegal abortion made by Ah Nya who was indulged in sexual relationship with her boyfriend, Steven. This is really a bad luck for her as Steven is too dependent on his parents' financial, that leads him to abandon Ah Nya solely. They are from different status where Ah Nya is just a daughter of mee seller whereas Steven is the son of a great businessman. Anya seems to be victimized by all succumbing turbulence around her and this is clearly seen through the treatment of society towards herself, once the news spread widely. The pressure becomes intense and finally she decides to abort the pending baby. The subject matter of this story is so much prevalent in today's situation or even auger nastiness for future generation. Therefore, I feel the urgency to advise my students especially girls to always be wary when having a special relationship with boys. They should prioritize their studies first and not drowning into this feeling which to certain extent makes them react irrationally. Overwhelmed by such feeling might lead you to mar you dignity as a girl and definitely you couldn’t escape from society’s commotion upon your immoral deed. That’s all!

    Siti hamidah ali

  15. hye..:p
    learning how to teach short stories from miss dzeelfa is a very interesting experience..i believe that i've got everything i need to teach my future students about appreciating short stories..later, i believe that my students will benefit from the plot and settings of "the chrysanthemum" where they can imagine the gloomy and unhappy setting of the story. the plot itself also will assist them in understanding more about the story. on top0 of that, the most important thing that my students will benefit from my knowledge of the short story is to apply the good moral values available in the story. for example, for young girls, they should not easily flattered and fooled by strangers. they must keep themselves apart from irrelevant thing like sex before marriage. for boys, i feel that they should learn how to act appropriately and avoid from being so selfish in everything they do.

  16. Ahmad Zahri Bin Asbani
    B.Ed.TESL Twinning Programme

    A very good day to all the blogger. This is the final entry and I hope that this piece will be the best for me.

    In my opinion, the short story that will benefit my future students in their life is Paul's Case. As for starter, we all know that Paul's Case is a story about problematic student in his school. Thus, it is indirectly related to the students as the story is about a school student.

    To make a benefit out of this story, I would teach my students about the moral values that can be found in Paul's Case. Firstly, we should not disrespect our teachers in any way. In the story, Paul always make a tall tale to the teachers and this is not a good behaviour.

    Secondly, we must not broke the trust that people have give to us. In this case, Paul steal the money that his boss ask him to bank-in. As a result, he may experience a short wealthy life but it is depression and tension that after him until the end.

    Furthermore, I would teach my students not to commit suicide even the heaviest problem bump onto their shoulder. It is a sinful act if we commit suicide.

    The other short stories that I have been learned are also pack with moral values that can be teach and implemented in students. It is the duty of the teachers to make the input of learning process benefits the students in all aspect. That's all from me. Thank you.

  17. Hye people.
    I would go for story The Journey for its setting and plot are very common amongst us. For The journey contains many moral valeus, it is suitable to be taught in classroom, I suppose. As the story has leave a big impact on me, I believe that particular short story eould do to my future students as well. All of us are familiar with the story, so I dont think i have to elaborate more about it. The Journey is rich with its life values. It teaches us to not be greedy and arrogant, and always hold to where our root is. Since money is a serious business of all, moralk of ones should be more serious than that. Above all, we are living in a hyper concern society and it is ridiculous to deny its culture.

    In short, i will choose the journey to be taught in my near future.

    Nurulnatasha Basok

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  19. In my opinion, my future students will benefit a lot of moral values by learning the short stories. For example,when the students read the short story "Paul's case", they will know that how a person being raise and the society treatment can lead a person to do bad things. Not just that, when they read the short story "A great injustice",they will know that it is not good to not be responsible for what we have done and the society also plays their role that lead to all the bad incident that happen in the short stories. So when they read both of the short stories, at least they will get all the moral values and i think they can change the society in the future perhaps.


  20. each literature, particularly short stories, put a moral value and themes that can be an inspiration to the readers. therefore, my students can applied this moral values in their daily lives. these moral values also can open up their mind on something that they may even not example, form the short story The Journey,readers learn the value of appreciating the elders and family thugh they are success in life.


  21. hello my dear friends.. as this is the last post for me, i'm feeling a little sad but this is our journey and life must go on.. as i am a teacher to be, i do not have any input for my future students but it will be best for me to have students that will imply my input to their daily life and making their life meaningful. for the short story that i had learn. the story that best suit my future students will be the "boys and Girl". this story it's just not an ordinary story. This story is clearly viewed the life of a true human being.The reason why I choose this story is because I predict that maybe some of my students may have face the same situation as the character in the story. This is where the role of a teacher is very important as a guide to the students. The value that I wanted my future students to imply from this story is try to be yourself as it should be, it will be more easier to face the obstacle in your life. As a teacher, I wanted my students to appreciate what god given to them and because of that I will guide my student to the right and true path.

    Mohd Faiz bin yusof

  22. From all the short stories we've read, we all learnt and benefited something out of it in one way or the other. It's the same thing that we hope when we teach our students in the future. I would say Paul's Case and The Great Injustice are the perfect stories to teach my students about life. For Paul's Case, I would say to my students that it is alright to dream of what you want or what you want to be. There is nothing wrong to dream for it is from our dream that drives us towards achieving it and making it a reality. We cannot just sit down, dream and hope everything will come to its place. It is just ridiculous. For everything that we want, we must work for it. And how do we work for it? Well, there has got to be a way just as the saying "Where there's a will, there's a way". With pure determination and faith, our hardwork will pay us back and this is the way that it should be. Just as the Chinese saying goes, "If you have the RED in your heart, go for it". Another thing to be learnt from these two stories is about responsibility. We have to understand that this world does not revolve around us only. It revolves with the people around us as well such as our family members and friends, for we are not alone in this world. We cannot neglect them at the time when death is the answer. Taking the easy way out such as death is never the answer. Therefore, lesson learnt here is to be responsible not only to ourselves but to others as well. We have to think of the people around us especially our family. Thinking of ourselves is just too selfish and ignorant. I would not hope my students to grow up that way. Hence, I think these 2 stories would help to teach my students to walk on the right path of life by being courageous in making dreams a reality and being responsible as a human being, a son and a daughter.

    Anthony Lee Kim Hong
    B.Edu TESL

  23. The best short story grabs us immediately once we read a word. For example, in A Great Injustice, the first word already arouses readers’ curiosity to read further more. Take the same story as an example again; students can learn many lessons from it. The first lesson will be parents’ love is forever. For them, loving their children is like breathing. Like in the story, Ah Nya’s parents still accept her although she has brought shame on them. Our parents did all the sacrifices for you, long before you could say a word. They did it, not because they had to, but because they loved you and they will keep doing it again and again, always and forever. Therefore, we must love our parents and appreciate them.

    Besides, this story can teach the students that premarital sex is not good. Sex between a man and woman who are married to each other is the ultimate bond of their love for each which, in turn will produce children as a witness to that love and bond and to also increase their family union. When you have premarital sex there is no real bond established and most times the "false" union if there is one at all between the man and woman is nonexistent or loveless. The society also do not accept a pregnant woman without husband/getting married. Therefore, students can learn that everybody has to be responsible to their self. Do not do silly things that will affect your future undertaking.


  24. For me,there are lots of short stories that can be taught to my future students in order to taech them about life. However, the story that capture my attention the most is 'The Great Injustice'. This story actually pictures the real things happening in our lives. A person has to be other person in order to satisfy others. For example in our society, there are some situations where a person has to think more than thrice just because they don't want to affect others. I have a different opinion on this issue. Ah Nya, in the story willing to kill the baby rather than to face the consequences of her shameful act. In contrast to my opinion, ones should not be too reliable to the society because their happiness is really depends on them and not the society?Was Ah Nya happy to kill the baby?Yes, maybe the father is the one who is happy but how about herself? It's also painful to abort the baby as pictured in the story. So, as a whole, my students will have the gists of the punishment that they would have if they do the wrong things and because we live in so called 'caring society' we are forbid to be ourselves. Overall, the story teachers us to be a good person because it contains a lot of moral values

    Hanisah Bt Zainal Bahrin

  25. for me the learning this course really helps me to prepare myself as a future teacher.
    the first short story that crossed on my mind is "the great injustice" as the setting and culture in the story is closely related to me and my students. being impregnant by her boyfriend, Steven, who later dumped her, Ah Nya was mentally abused by the society. Ironically, Steven was treated nicely by the society despite the fact that they know he was responsible for Ah Nya's pregnancy.
    now, students could surely relate Ah Nya's dilemma with our own society. most of the time, people always tend to mind their own business.however, they still talk about others people behind their back- just like Ah Nya's situation. what's more interesting, their treatment toward her was the main reason that leads to her abortion.
    other than that, this story could also teach our students not to have a premarital sex as it only brings more harm than good. in a way, the story also teach a person to be responsible to his/her own actions. unlike Steven, Ah Nya had to face the consequences of having a sex alone.therefore, this story could help the students to think carefully before doing something.
    last but not least, this story also helps to make the students realized how important to have parents and family to support you even though you've done the biggest mistake of your life. they would always be the one to be with you even though the whole world is against you. in short, parents love is everlasting.

    Nor Farhana Othman

  26. Anis Aznita Binti Ghafar
    B.ED.TESL (LHE group)

    I believe my future student will learn a lot from the story “A good man is hard to find” by Flannery O’Connor that were taught by my dear TESL friend recently. It really gives us new ideas about life because this situation actually happen everyday in our life. The story is about the main character the grandmother who expresses her selfishness and pushy personality. This explains to the student later on that we should not be selfish and always bossing around because look what happen to the grandmother in the end of the story? She died and in shame. It is because of her selfishness that the family gets in trouble and died one by one. This story also talks about respect. June star did show some rude and disrespect characteristic. I believe that she get this from her grandmother because the grandmother did says bad things toward other especially being racist like what she called the little black boy, “pickaninny” and later on ironically, the bump into misfit, they are from the black community and she then called the misfit “Why you’re one of my babies. You’re one of my own children!”. The grandmother is actually a bad influence toward the children and we can teach our student that we should not be influence by this and be more tolerant toward others. We can also learn that there is god, and we should never forget Him. Everything is has been set by Him and we shall always be humble don’t be arrogant. Last but not least, what goes around do comes around. Karma.
    In conclusion, I think that this story do gives me a lot of input about life that I can share with my fellow student in the future and thanks Miss Dzeelfa for all the knowledge that you share with us and I do hope that we going to have a class together again maybe not next semester*since the schedule is out* but in the upcoming semester. InsyaAllah.

  27. Hello everyone. The story that influences me a lot through out the course is “The Great Injustice” by Heah Chwee Sian. As we all know, students that we are going to teach in the future will be in secondary schools and they are adolescents. Ah Nya in the story has made a big mistake during her adolescent. She gets involve in premarital sex and was pregnant. Through out the story, the villagers playing the role as the society, gossip behind Ah Nya because her stomach is bulging. Because of the rumours, she aborts the baby. What I will highlight to the students is the cruelity of the society in today’s world especially to females. On the other hand, the value of responsibility will be taught to my students through Ah Nya’s doing. I definitely don’t agree with the abortion. Whatever is done cannot be undone. She should give birth to the baby and take the responsibility for what she has done. Hence I think my future students will learn a lot through the story, “The Great Injustice” because it reflects the society that we are having now.

    Bac Edu-TESL

  28. In my opinion, the short story that will benefit the students will be " A Great Injustice' by Heah Chwee Sian. There are many moral values in this short story which is very much connected to our life especially the Asian lifestyle.
    This story is about an unmarried woman who gets pregnant and becomes the victim of society. She had to go through a lot of conflict and challenges. This story will benefit students in terms of their moral values and culture. This story will teach the students a great lesson because this is occuring nowadays in this modern world.
    By teaching this story, the teacher can somehow prevent these teenage students from making the same mistakes in their lifes.

    Narinder Kaur

  29. Assalamualaikum, and good day to all =)
    Every short story has moral values. Certainly, I will pick some of the short stories that I've learnt to teach my students. To me, the short stories "Paul's Case" and "The Great Injustice" draw my attention the most.
    "Paul's Case" which is about an unfortunate student neglected by his parents and teachers, is very much close to the reality of school life. As I am going to be a teacher, more or less I will somehow encounter students like Paul. During the lesson, I will remind my students to find out reasons why one is acting like such before making any judgement so that we will not mistreating others.
    As for "The Great Injustice", i will make my students realize that they are the one who responsible for what they did. Even though the situation indicates that others are actually to be blamed, people will always take for granted. We should take good care of ourselves =)
    To Miss Dzeelfa, a lot of thanks for all the meaningful lesson! =)


  30. hye..:p
    learning how to teach short stories from miss dzeelfa is a very interesting experience..i believe that i've got everything i need to teach my future students about appreciating short stories..later, i believe that my students will benefit from the plot and settings of "the chrysanthemum" where they can imagine the gloomy and unhappy setting of the story. the plot itself also will assist them in understanding more about the story. on top0 of that, the most important thing that my students will benefit from my knowledge of the short story is to apply the good moral values available in the story. for example, for young girls, they should not easily flattered and fooled by strangers. they must keep themselves apart from irrelevant thing like sex before marriage. for boys, i feel that they should learn how to act appropriately and avoid from being so selfish in everything they do.


  31. mohd harith fadhullah 150159 wrote -

    Any given aspects of lesson in school instil the moral values in many ways that can be understood by the students. In English classroom, for example, the moral values are taught using literary aspect that relate to real life. Throughout the learning of teaching short stories classes made me realized that short stories are great way in teaching the student the values of life. The best part is, there are many writers that dedicate their work to create awareness among the society. In many short stories that I have learned, The Journey by Catherine Lim brings the larger impact to me. The moral values shown by the protagonist towards his family and his own journey in life made this story related to the real world. In future, my students will benefit a lot from this short story. My students will learn that life is not everything about money and wealth. Happiness is something subjective that one must find within oneself. Again, The Journey by Catherine Lim will teach my future students a valuable lesson about life.

  32. Hello everyone! Wow, I never thought that we are almost at the end of this semester! I was just starting to like this interesting course because it gives me many moral values as we go through with the short stories that we have learn.

    It is indeed true that short stories are providing us with many good values and as a teacher to be, I really believe that these values will benefits my future students. How I am going teach and implement these values within my students? Well, I second Saw’s opinion. I, as a teacher, have the responsibility to implement these values among my students and I am going to do it through the activities that I will prepare for teaching them short stories.

    The short story that I like the most is “A Great Injustice” by Heah Chwee Sian. I think that this story will teach them lessons about life as it is very close with our hearts. This situation faced by Ah Nya could happen easily to people around us, and even we might be the ones who will face this kind of problems.

    The first moral value that I found in the short story is ‘life is not all about rainbows and butterflies’. That is why you need to think every possible consequences of your action. For instance, Ah Nya may felt that she can get happiness by having sexual intercourse with her boyfriend, Steven. But she should have known that reality is not something like that. It can be very harsh and cruel to everyone. Therefore, I will tell the students to think wisely before doing something that they might regret later on in their life.

    The second moral value that I found in the short story is’ we should learn from our own mistakes and do not put the blame on other people’. Well, the society treats Ah Nya harshly but we should not blame the society as that is what to expect from them after Ah Nya got pregnant. The people in a society share the same moral values among them and of course they will react harshly to something that they do not like as they feel betrayed if there are some people broke those rules/values. We need society in order to survive as they can help us in every way but why should we put the blame to them and say that do not interfere with our personal problems after we did something which is obviously wrong?

    It is hard to determine what moral values are as some people might disagree with our opinion as they see them in different perspective. That is why people should be able to think about it themselves and determine what the best is for them.

    Muhamad Hud bin Muhammed

    “We are the same, why do we need to differentiate ourselves from one another?”

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  34. Ahmad Zakwan B Johan

    This is my last post....
    I will miss this blog.....
    Ok....lets get started.....
    For my future students, I hope they will get moral values from each short story that I will teach them. InsyaAllah.
    As an example, based on Paul's Case, students will know that the main character is not a person who respect his teachers. For my future students, I want them to give full respects to their teachers. This is because teacher is the one who give them knowledge.
    Next moral value that I want them to adapt in their life is never steal somebody properties. As we can see in the story, the consequences from what he had done is bad. So, I dont want my students to be like Paul.

  35. Hi,
    As a teacher I must provide a beneficial lesson for my students. That is my duty as a teacher to be fulfilled. All the lessons structured by us must mould our students into a good person in their life. Here, we are studying to gain the knowledge to provide lessons with moral values. All the short stories written by the popular authors contain moral values and beneficial messages. They convey the values in their own ways. The short story that is like the most is The Journey by Catherine Lim. Since my foundation years, this story still fresh in my mind. This story revolves about a man named Richard. He had born in a poor family in a rural village. But he worked hard in his life and comes up in his life as a successful person. Mabel is his wife. She is a materialistic person who loves to spend a lot. She hates her in laws. She prefers them to stay at kampung rather than staying with them at kampung. When Richard fall sick, suffering for cancer, he choose to stay at kampung by declining his wife’s decision to go abroad for further medical treatment. From this story we can know that happiness is important in our life than money. Even though he is rich but he tends to go to his root for the happiness. Other than that, we must respect our old folks. In this story Mabel do not respect her in laws. Richard faces a lot of hardship in his life but he did not give up. These moral values will give make our students to learn a lesson in their life.

  36. Hello to everyone!

    Time flew so fast that now is already the end of the semester. I'm going to miss this course a lot.

    Back in school, I never really care the reason why I should study literature. All I knew was it is included in the exam. I am not blaming my teacher but none of them tella me what can I get from literature. However, things started to change when I further my degree in TESL. I think that literature should be appreciated rather that being memorized. I admit that all the components and tools in literature should be studied, but what I think the most important quality that make it a must for students is the message it brings. Literature always has great messages and lessons than are very useful to reflect our life. Life is dynamic and not everybody go through the same thing. Only experience can help us to deal with things and there is where the skill develops. Short stories, poems and other literature components make a useful tool to teach us human about life.

    I would most probably use "A great injustice" in the classroom. Firstly, it is because the story took place in a local setting where the students can relate more as they are more familiar with it. Secondly, the message of the story is a never-ending issue which happen so fequently in a collectivists society like Malaysia. May it be the same issue or not, the possibily of us being blamed by the society is very high. Individuals are always being victimized by this unempathic society and always the burden will be put on the individuals' shoulders alone. Life is mean most of thetime and we have to go through it no matter what. Thus, by reading stories like this, I hope my students can feel Ah Nya and this story could drive them in times where motivation is very low and they struggle with hardships. Hopefully my students will able to decide what's best and atleast take a lesson from another person's mistakes and not repeat them.

    Lastly, thanks Miss Dzeelfa for this lesson. I learnt a lot especially teaching simulation! :P

  37. Assalamualaikum & hey there! Can’t believe we almost reached at the end of the semester…well direct to my point, I think my future students are going to benefit a lot from the short stories that we have learnt throughout this semester. However, the story that I am going to emphasized more on my students is The Great Injustice by Heah Chwee Sian. Personally, I think this story is rich with moral values that can be taught to my students, since nowadays teenagers faced a lot of challenges regarding social problems that occurred among the society.

    Set the story as an example, what Ah Nya did to herself was actually self-abused. As for Ah Nya she got herself pregnant before getting married (which is not a right thing to do) and finally decided not to have the baby after being in a tug and war between herself, her family and Steven the irresponsible boyfriend. I think she had already knew that this thing was going to happen when she got involved physically with Steven, it was just she was unprepared for it. For me, Ah Nya picked her own problems therefore she must being responsible for it. She should have thought about the consequence of her act at the first place, but she chose to ignore it and finally got herself paid in the end after it had caused her a lot of damaged inside out. Was that a self-abused or was it not?

    The society was also to be blamed in this story (including Steven), they did not try to help Ah Nya when they knew what was actually happened to her, instead treated her like she was some kind of person in a freak show which was to be laughed, mocked and pointed at.

    *I have a suggestion to make here hahahaha… if u guys are free, go & watch this American movie JUNO. the same issue is being emphasized at ‘getting pregnant before marriage’ but the situation and the setting are different. Trust me it’s worth watching! ;)*


  38. Assalamualaikum and hye everyone... Learning short stories give a lot of benefits, not only for us but also the students we going to teach. Sorry if my point here just same as the others, but because the question ask about beneficial for the students, I have to take the moral values of ‘A Great Injustice’. The story is very close to us, as what happening in our youngster now. Underage sex and pregnancy out of wedlock, just lead to bunch of cases of throwing and killing baby, not included the case of abortion that is lack reported in media. What happen to Ah Nya (the protagonist), and that she is blamed by the society, in my opinion, is not the wrong of the society. Our society naturally can’t accept that thing, so as individual we have to prevent ourselves, family and friends from trap into what Ah Nya had gone through. My point is, Ah Nya cannot totally blame the society, as it is unacceptable for us. To change the society is impossible, and to change our life is our own choice. I hope my future students can differentiate what is right and what is wrong thus avoiding from doing what Ah Nya did. That’s all from me. Thank you Miss Dzeelfa and friends.


  39. Assalamualaikum and very good day!
    Let me start with this proverb “Don’t go near the water until you learn how to swim”. After almost five months learning this course, I would rather say that “Wow, It’s really interesting!” and most thankful to Miss Dzeelfa for your outstanding credibility and meaningful in teaching us. Thank you so much Miss Dzeelfa! Now, let me move on to the question. For me, the text “The Great injustice”, “Paul’s Case” and “The Journey” are those which really touch much heart and feeling and it is really significance to be use in my future teaching. For me, these texts are certainly having larger and stronger bond to the Malaysian society. In Paul’s case, I will get a clear picture on how to deal with Paul’s style and thinking. In addition, it will help me to guide them back into the right path. Same goes to The Journey where money can’t buy everything and I will teach how virtuous and noble life could be if we become humble and grateful. Last but not least, The Great injustice is the perfect view of applying the sense of religiousness in our daily life. Students will know how to appreciate the gift of religion and how we can change the society’s environment if we apply what has been taught by the prophet. In conclusion, by learning this course, I will have a crystal view in teaching my future students afterward. Thanks again to Miss Dzeelfa and all my friends and group members –Puru,Gogi, Saw, Mohan and Ishan for your great support! May God bless you all!

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  41. OMG this is the last entry for this blog...
    well then,
    in my opinion, for my future students whoever they are they sure get a lot of benefits from these short stories that i had learn during this course. There are many good moral values that the author trying to convey to the reader which will help us to realize mistakes that we had done in life. Through this course i had been taught of several activities that can be done while teaching short stories such as pre-reading, while-reading and post-reading activities. Hopefully by doing these activities students will understand more about messages that the author try to convey in their work. Besides that, there are several short stories that is based on our local situation for example "A Great Injustice" and The Journey". Both of these short stories have one thing in common which is the setting where it take place is in our local area. so it have a sense of local touch and it can be relate back to our society and customs. From here, students should be able to notice that this is how their society works, and they should have a new perspective about their society.

    i think thats all for now...thank you!


  42. Assalamualaikum and a very good day to all...

    it looks like we're coming to end already...time goes by so quickly without me realize that we're ging to sit for our final already..i'm going to miss this course a lot since it is one of my favourite subject since i'm in JB and i gain a lot of knowledge through this subject..ok,let's get started..
    i will choose two story to be presented to my student in the future. one of them is 'A Great Injustice'. this story teaches us on how the society's accusation leads to the killing of an innocent.other than that, this story also show us that we have to take care of ourself especially the girls who fall in love. we must take a good care of ourselves and don't let love control our a teacher, i must always remind my students to beware and to think rationally.
    another story that i will choose is 'The Journey'. in this story, it teaches us about the love of family. in this story, Richard, the main characer, is sa good son to his mother. after he married and succces in his career, he suddenly was diagnosed as having a cancer. this is when he realized that he should make a journey; to go back home to the women in his life; mother,aunt and grandmother. he felt that their love were the best cure for his illness.the moral values in this story are,however far we go,someday we will return to where we belong and no matter how success we are, love from our family is the best success; greater than others in the learning this two stories,hopefully the students may be able to think rationally and to appreciate what they have in their lives...
    last but not least,THANK YOU to Miss Dzeelfa for the great moment and memories during this course...i'm going to miss u as much as i'm going to miss this course..So long and have a good day..bye bye...


  43. Well,we have learnt many stories throughout this semester and among the text that i choose to teach my students lessons about life is The Journey by Catherine Lim.Well,i feel that everyone should take Richard as a role modelin their life.This is because even tough Richard is rich,he is humble and respects his parents and grandmother.THis could be seen through the act of Richard asking his mom and grandmother to stay at his house and i feel that this is a noble act that should be followed by everyone and they should take Richard as lessons in their life.

  44. Hi all… This is our last forum. Now I have the feelings that this forum is really interesting. Go back to the question, my students will really benefit from the short story that I have learnt, as I learn how to explicate each line of the story, I can make them understand the entire story that will be taught.
    There are also some stories that can teach the lesson of life. One of them is ‘A Great Injustice’ by Heah Chwee Sian. Heah Chwee Sian’s work is easier to understand because she uses local context. So that student will easily understand the story. The story is also about pre-marital relationship and abortion, which is a very hot issue nowadays. Then, it also tells about society perception towards the main character, Ah Nya when they found that she is pregnant. Therefore, I can sit with them and give some advise about pre-marital relationship which should be avoided because it will destroy their future. I can ask the student to do some post-reading activities after learning the story. For example I can ask one group to make a poster about how bad is pre-marital relationship. Other can do public speaking and many more.
    “Work with nature, Not against it”

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  46. Learning short stories and literature is an enjoyable experience since it give me the excitement to explore and enjoy reading. Truthfully, I never really read books, novels and stuff because I don’t like to read. I have not read Harry Potter, I tried once, but I only manage to read the first chapter only. I know, such a loss. Well, I guess I’ll try and read it again after this.

    So, throughout this semester, I actually develop the love to read books and short stories. The short story which I will choose to teach my future students is ‘A Great Injustice’. This story is actually very meaningful and it is most probably will happen to anyone, regardless who you are, your race and your class. The setting is in our local society context and that’s why it will be easier for the students to relate it to themselves. Besides, Ah Nya’ situation can happen to anyone, and society do play major role in helping those who are in the same situation as Ah Nya. It also contains moral values such as what has been done cannot be undone and also family comes first. I want my student to be able to learn the moral values and make lesson out of it so that they will not be doing the same mistake as Ah Nya. I also want them to give their opinion about the issues in the story so that they can actually reflect it back to themselves. I also want my student to be critical in thinking and be more mature in making decision. By teaching them ‘A Great Injustice’ I hope that they can relate it to their everyday life situation and being able to teach lessons about life.
    Thank you >___<



    Literature is a meaningful subject as it highlights many important aspects of life that one could benefit from. From the short stories that I've read, "A Great Injustice" truly touched my heart as its theme centers around a very prevalent and real issue in today's society. I'm sure my students would benefit much from this story if i were to teach it to them in class. First and foremost, i could remind them about the consequences (especially for my female students) of getting pregnant before marriage. The character, Ah Nya truly demonstrates the grievances of a young girl who got pregnant and subsequently got dumped by her boyfriend. Through this story, I can remind my students of society's view of the act of engaging in premarital sex.
    Next, the story of "The Rocking Horse Winner", also brings across many lessons of life that could be learnt. For example; I can remind my students that they ought to love their parents as how, the character Paul loved his mother very much. Furthermore, through this short story, I can teach my students about the responsibilities of parents which they can learn for future reference. There are so many lessons that my students can gain from these two stories itself. That's the wonder of literature. I'm glad this subject is in the curriculum.

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  49. Of all stories I’ve learnt, The Journey by Catherine Lim was closest to heart. The unpredictability of life and death taught me how much life was to be treasured every single second we’re still breathing; how life shouldn’t be taken for granted. This, I hope to share with my future students, whom I assume to be secondary school children who are old enough to understand about life and death. Central to the theme of life and death here is the life of Richard which had a humble beginning. He grew up in a wooden house at an ulu village with no proper basic needs: only plain rice and ‘tau-foo’ for food, one lonely bug-infested mattress for bed and old newspapers for tissue papers. Yet, now, Richard is a young and successful man whose life was one of luxury, comfort and contentment. Although so, he never once forgot his roots. He constantly sends generous sums of money back to his grandmother, mother and aunt back in the village. Taking lessons from Richard’s characteristics here would teach them to remember who they were and who moulded them into who they will be in future – especially when they’ve achieved success and fame. However, though blissful Richard’s life is now, it all went meaningless when he was hit with the news of his illness. Similarly, as much as we’re satisfied with life now, there is no reason why we shouldn’t take the effort to appreciate it more. It is not a sin not to, but definitely double the joy and satisfaction knowing you lived everyday being thankful of it. This is my utmost hope and wish – to see students learn to appreciate life as it is. After all, each day is a gift, not a given right :)

    Oh, and before i end, a million thanks to Miss Dzeelfa for the wonderful lessons and to all too for the great time!Gosh.Time does fly fast >< Take care and all the best,people! (n_n)


  50. “The Journey” has deeply touched me. It reveals how we have taken things for granted when we have a comfort life. Back then, life was a hardship and was also a hardship for those who came out to be poor. This story gives us many valuable lessons. You need to work hard to be successful. Whatever Richard got in his life, he earned that by the sweat of his brow which worth the harvest. It is important that this story has enlightened us with a moral value that it’s our duty to pay back our parents for the years they have nurtured us with love and care. For instance, ever since Richard is rich, he has not forgotten his mother, aunt and grandmother’s deeds. He is grateful towards them and that he repays them with a generous sum of money.

    Life is not just about money as money can’t buy happiness, which is shown in Richard. Though Richard is showered with luxurious life, he never seemed to be happy about it. Reminiscing those days seems to cease the worries in him. It brings joy and calmness in his soul.
    Besides that, this story has taught us not to be too materialistic. Mabel who never seemed to be satisfied of what she has. In life, we need to be realistic and don’t be greedy. Greediness will only bring you nothing. In the end, she loses her most precious husband who is worth more than anything.

    We need to appreciate what we have in our life. Be appreciative for there are many unfortunates out there who really need attention and shelter. Unfortunately, Richard’s children who don’t know how to be appreciative in whatever they have. Annabelle’s piano which is only three years and is replaced by new one.

    Therefore, throughout this story, it has many lessons about life we need to be aware of and it is crucial for students to understand them.


  51. Hi, everybody...
    As a future teacher, of course, I would like to give my future students benefit from many short stories I have learned before. A teacher needs to give an input to students in order to make them understand of what they have learned in class. For me, I will explain to students about the moral values of short stories which can be related in their real life. Well, I think I will choose the story of “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather to teach them in my lesson. In Paul’s case, I want my future students think of what Paul has done in his life which it leads to either good or bad. Then, they will realize that it is important to think rationally before making an irrational decision in their lives as in end of the story, Paul kills himself by jumping in front of a train as he does not want to return in his old previous life. Students will also feel sympathy of what happened to Paul’s life and at the same time, they will feel thankful as their lives are not the same in the story. Furthermore, this story will make students to become more well-behaved and good students in school because Paul is the worst student in school and his teachers do not like him at all and then, he gets expelled because of his bad behaviour. After learning this story, students will be able to guide themselves in their future’s lives. I think that is all for now.
    Now, it is time to say goodbye to this blog for the last. Thank you very much….Bye!

    150184/B.Ed TESL C5

  52. mango season, sara and the wedding, and joss and gold....i think these three short stories will bring a lot of benefits to my students in the future as its helps me a lot. if you notice these three pieces have a lot of similarities. mango season is a story touching about the indian culture. while sara and the wedding focus more on the malay wedding culture and the joss and gold tells more on the chinese culture. so, these three short stories is suitable fot the future students as the government is campaigning about the motto 'one malaysia'. with these short stories lesson, all three races can learn each culture and streghten their relationship. tq

  53. mango season, sara and the wedding, and joss and gold...i think these three short stories will bring a lot of benefits to my students in the future as its help me a lot. if notice these three short stories have a lot of similarities. mango season is a story about the indian culture. while sara and the wedding focus more on the malay wedding culture and the joss and gold tells more on the chinese culture. so, these three short stories are suitable for the future students as the government is campaigning about the motto"one malaysia". with these short stories lesson, all three races can learn each culture and streghten their relationship. tq

    ikram muzakkir b mohamad

  54. Hiya everyone.

    In order to become a great teacher, we must put a lot of efforts and also determination to give the good examples for our students. Of course, the best and the worst part would be our students, who are literally 'empty' with knowledge and we are the one who responsible to shape them in the future - future teachers.

    As for me, I think the short story entitled 'The Rocking Horse Winner' would be the great story to be taught in the classroom. The short story gives us many good examples and moral values to us, so do with this one.

    In this short story, the message that the author want to tell us is respect your parents and love them as much as u can eventhough they treat u like hell. It is because, as a child, we could not help our self to so called 'repay' what our parents has done to us. They took care of us since we were born till now.

    Apart from that, parents is the closest person to us besides our friends. So, if I were to teach the short story in a classroom, I highly want to teach this short story because I think it has many moral values to be learned and it involved our life as well.

    Thank you.

  55. hi ms dzeelfa. as for me, of course students will get something after they learn literature especially in short stories. the lessons can come in many ways such as by knowing the characteristics, theme, moral values etc.

    i want to show an example from The Hitchiker actually,but since you already complained on too many students did The Hitchiker,ok i'll change to another story =p so, for another story on how the short story can benefit the students is The Big Black Good Man by Richard Wright. it's about a character which is big and he is a black man. the antagonist of the story thinks negatively about the black man. however at end of the story, the black man has done something that change his perception about him. therefore the lesson from the story is, we should not be judgemental toward other people, especially just because of their physical looking.

    Mohd Faiz Bin Mohd Noor

  56. Every literary works has a message that the writer wants to convey. It contain moral value that make us realize the essence of life. Teacher must take the role as the person who exposed these literary element to student so that they can be aware and benefit from it. For an instance, "The Rocking Horse Winner" by DH Lawrence; in this story the writer writes about an unfortunate person who posses a malfunction parent but still he loves them.

    The moral story of this story is to love your parent unconditionally. No matter how bad a parent can be, they are still the parent who give birth to a child. I want to teach and shows to my student the responsibilities being a son or daughter. They must not neglect their parent.

    Thank you
    Mohd Syahir B. Hamzahtulhikmal

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  58. When appreciating a literary work, we always look into literary elements. The plot, the settings, the characters, the themes and etc. For me, the most important thing when I read a story is when I can obtain something good from it which is the moral values.

    One of the stories that I think is the best for my future students is “Paul’s Case”. This story carries a good message in it. As we all know in the story, Paul is committing suicide at the end of the story. Committing suicide is not what I want to highlight here because of course it is a bad thing to do. From the story, I, myself have learn the value of my life. As I read the story, I could relate Paul to my adolescent’s life. So, I know how Paul would feel and to commit suicide is totally a stupid thing.

    Life is full of chances. It is up to us to grab the chance or let it go. We can do lots of things in this life. We are able to do anything as long as we want to. The best way to make full of our life is by using our precious brain. (n_n)

    Wan Mohd Najat Bin Wan Nawang

  59. Good day everyone...
    The recent short stories that i read and found interesting is The Great Injustice, without doubts.
    The story is about a young girl, get dumped by her boyfriend after she told him that she is pregnant. Students, after reading this story, will learn lessons about life, that is, the effects of getting pre-marital sex and its consequences. The impacts are greater on women and my female students should be more careful in having a relationship.
    Another short story is The Rocking Horse Winner by DH Lawrence. The moral of the story is to love our parents without limit. They are the ones who raised us, taught us and gave us everything we need. They took care of us while we still a baby and after we have grown up, we should repay their deeds.

    Mohd Shazwan bn Mohd Dom

  60. Assalamualaikum and greetings to LHE 3205,
    Life to me is all about making choices. Choices are the strongest elements that shape our life and determine how our future will develop. Truthfully said, I never really understood literature during my school time. Well, surprisingly I’m taking TESL now here in UPM. However, there was one poem that I favored the most in all of them which is “The Road not Taken” written by Robert Frost (1874-1963). “The Road not Taken”, perhaps the most famous example of Frost's own claims to conscious irony and 'the best example in all of American poetry of a wolf in sheep's clothing. Every time I encounter a point where the ‘road’ diverges, I’ll always be reflecting on this poem.
    This is why I choose “A White Heron” as my target short story for this discussion. Similarly to the poem I mentioned, it in a unique way also embeds the value of importance of making choices in life. How would your future students benefit from any of the short stories you have learnt? Students (adolescents) who are undergoing the process from a child into an adult, or shall we say reaching or reached the age of puberty, are the group that starts to have psychosocial growth. They tend to face problems in seeking their own identity. Adolescents at this age, start to acknowledge the world around them from their own point of view. However they are not mature enough to stand on their own in making decisions. Therefore, without proper guidance they might get lost. According to the Ecological System Theory by Urie Bronfenbrenner, teachers are included under the micro system layer which is the nearest layer to teenagers besides the parents that influences the teenagers’ growth. At this point, teachers can embed values into the students either directly or indirectly in their lessons. “A White Heron” introduces the problems faced by the main character, Sylvia, in making a choice between something she loves and treasures with the one and only friend she newly met. This is only a mere example if compared to the mass amount of choices we human beings face in our daily life. Students can implement the moral values in this story, with the hope that they can benefit it, like I once did, and in the same time improving their English language competency.

    Mohd Ashraf bin Mohd Azhar

  61. Assalamualaikum and hi people, our semester is almost end right! therefore, it's good Cik Dzelfa asks us to comment on this final entry. i like this post and i enjoy reading my friends' comments.

    ok, straight to the point, the short story that really touches my heart is The Great Injustice. i believe that many like this story. For me, the story has a good lesson to be learnt. Personally, i agree with the writer's view about society in 'The Great Injustice'. It is so obvious the treatments towards the poor and women are different. Along the process to achieve the equality, yet still thousands of people which is society prefer to blame women rather than men if any case happen. This is proven to what has happenned to Ah Nya. She is the one whom had been victimised by Steven. Society knows the truth but the pointing hands still go to Ah Nya and not the man. it is so sad to know that justice never born in society, they just know how to punish.

    Honestly,this story really wakes me from fantasy telling that world is better place to live. Life is cruel and we have to take care of our ownself in order to survive. Think before you act.

    Nurl Husna Bt Mohd Noor

  62. There are several stories which are useful to teach more than subject matter. Those stories may lead students to reflect their own life and to experience. One of the short stories that I can use for my future teaching is Paul’s case by Willa Cather. As story portrays a young boy with his desires and wishes and dissatisfactions in his life, I may provide many useful moral examples for my students. Pauls's Case is the story of a young man who struggles with his identity. Paul feels that he knows where he belongs, but his family and teachers refuse to support his choices. If we ask primary, especially secondary and high school students, most of them will complain or will be sharing same things with Paul. While teaching the whole story I might stress on moral and thematic issues in the story in order to make them to think and produce their own ideas. In this way students will be able to see the fact and its consequences. It is kind of leading students to think and making them to reflect on their life hence it will give them a space to generate their own answer about the moral issue and real life. Student s will discover themselves many things and it will be effective in their life if they do. For instance as Paul dissatisfies with his life and never appreciates what he has got, so his supreme dreams and feeling lead him to immoral acts such as robbery and self-destruction. At that point while teaching all the literally elements and language, I might give hints to my students to discover the unappreciable behaviors. To instill them right and wrong I can give them many example from that story. Nothing is important than life if individual has a strong reason to live. Here I have to encourage my students to ask the expected question “what can be our reason to live”. This question might lead students to find their reasons. By the way also if I’m intended to teach religious matters. With this story I even can teach does and don'ts.


  63. hello0 guys..

    for me, this blog has help me a lot in miss dzeelfa's subject.
    straight to the point, for me one of the short stories that touched me is The Great Injustice.
    this story is a good story to be read by the students. this story is about Ah Nya that received different treatment from the society because of her pregnancy. she pregnant without getting married and the society look down of her because of that. but the father of the baby receive the opposite treatment from Ah Nya just because she is a woman.
    for me, this story is good to be read by the student because it teaches us about the society. yes, this story is just a fiction, but this is happening in our society right now. the society look down on woman and just put the blame on them without thinking the mistake that been done by men.

    Abdul Haziq bin Karim

  64. lots of text i had learned this semester and i find it all benificial. i dare say not only for my future students, but for me as well. even though most of the stories setting are not local setting, but surely i can relate all the themes to my daily life. to teach my students about life, i will surely use the theme 'money isn't everything' that i've learnt from The Journey. rich as his name suggested, Richard got all the luxury in life. however when he's sick, he decided to go back to his hometown where all his childhood memories are. he thinks that as his life is coming to an end, he better spend the last of his days at the place where he is most happy. surely money can bring you happiness but for Richard, money isn't everything. he prefer to live with his mother and auntie even though theor home condition is not luxurious as his. so the lesson that i want to teach my students is money can bring you happiness but it isn't evrything. there are more to life than money out there so its up to you to find what can make you happy in life. and remember, what people say doesn't really matter actually because it's your own life and you have to live it your way.


  65. Good evening, I guess I’m still among the last to response to this forum. I guess how short stories could be benefit to my future students would be as same as how it benefits me during my school years. These texts had given me different perspectives on certain things. It also made my understanding about the world.
    Every story would give benefits to its readers. I cannot explain how each story would be beneficial to students. But here are some stories that I do know, could be beneficial to the students. Obviously, texts like the great injustice and the journey would be beneficial as the settings of the stories are set in a familiar context which is the Asian context. The problem s faced by the characters in the stories are also faced by the people in reality. In the story Great Injustice, students could learn that the society does plays a big part in a person’s life. Societies’ norms and mindset does mold the mindset of individual. Meanwhile in the story, the journey, students can appreciate their roots, cultures and customs. Not only that, students can also learn that money is not the key to happiness.
    Stories that are not set in a local context could also be beneficial to the students. For an example, The white Heron, actually teaches us the importance of loyalty. Other than that, the white heron could also teach the students the transaction from being a kid into the adult world or reality. It shows the growing up process. Another story that shows this transaction from a child into adult is boys and girls.
    Every story gives different things to its readers. It is how the reader interprets it and how they accept it.


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  67. it has been a long semester and i had learn a lot of short stories during the class with miss dzeelfa.
    for me, one of the text that is beneficial is The Great Injustice. this story is bout Ah Nya who pregnant without her getting married. this story entitled The Great Injustice because in this story, Ah Nya received different treatment from the society because of her pregnancy. her mother supported her even though she knows that her daughter was pregnant and she even told Ah Nya that she can keep her baby because she can take care of them. meanwhile the society treat Ah Nya differently because of her pregnancy. people will look down on her call her name while she was walking the street. but the society did not put the blame on her boyfriend that made her pregnant, Richard. the society look at it like it was Ah Nya fault and not Richard.
    this story can teach the student about the society's point of view about Ah Nya. what is happening to Ah Nya in the story is based on the real life situation. we can see how people will down on woman that pregnant without getting married while not blaming the man.
    the second story for me that is good to be read by the students is The Rocking Horse winner. this story is about a boy who want to get attention from her mother. in this story the mother is portrait as a person who did not love her children and say that she is unlucky for marrying her husband.
    this story can teach the student about the important of parent's love. every children is a gift and as a parent, we should take care of them and give them as much as love that we can. this is to make sure that they feel the sense of belonging in the family.

    Ahmad Tajuddin bin Sulaiman

  68. hye..

    as for the last entry i have chosen the story Paul's case for my students to learn aomething useful about life. today's world is cruel, nayone who are not concious of the reality will be left behind. life is god;s gift. everyone must appreciate life and learn to live it the right way, the way it is meant to be. to end a life like Paul did is what a pepople without brain will do. every problem has solutions and nothing in this world is impossible. the story will teach my student to be strong and brave in facing the problems they have, and not running from it by suicide or other methods hat is unacceptable. students will learn to think wisely before maing any decisions, and of course as a teacher, i will guide them to walk on the right path all the way to the destination they are expected to arrive. life is priceless and by teaching them the story of paul, they will learn to appreciate life this will encourage them to make life becomes wonderful.

    Ahmad Norsyafiq Bin Mohd

  69. good evening.
    i have learnt a lot of short stories in this sem.the short story that really captured my mind is The Journey. for me, this story is really related with my life. its setting and the plot of the story, the way its been telling, it is really close to me and i can imagine the story because it is by asian writer. this story teach me on how the root is very important in our life. no matter how rich we are, how far we are from our motherland, we must not forget with our own root and our culture. this story really tell much about the imprtance of remembering our own root. i will instill this moral value to my future student. to me, it is really a very good value and a very good lesson that i have learnt in this story.

    farah noorfarhana bt rezemi

  70. Hye People!
    Well,we are now moving into last semester and this is my last comment for Miss Dzeelfa’s blog.As I am an English teacher-to-be,I will teach my future students the short story that will benefit and give them lessons of life.
    Throughout this semester,I think “The Journey” gives me big impact.This story is about love relationship between family and how strong it is now matter how successful you are.Like Richard,the main character who gets married to Mabel and has two children live in the city.He still has his grandmother,mother and aunt who live in the village.However,he never forgets his root and his family.He always invites them to come and stay at his big bungalow house.
    After he had diagnosed to have cancer because he smokes a lot,he decides to make “the journey” to go back to his village and spend the time with his family while they are still alive instead of going to New York to have the best medical treatment.The issue here will make my students realize that family comes first and the relationship is strong.Love towars family is undeniable and infinity.
    That’s all.I would like to thank Miss Dzeelfa for her lesson through out this semester!All the best to all my friends for this coming final! =_=

  71. It is not only metaphor, tone, mood or etc that we can learn from the short stories. We also can get many moral values or lessons about how to manage the life. It is very useful if my students can adapt any of the moral values in the short stories that I have learnt. As an example in the short story, ‘The Great Injustice’, my future students can learn about society. In the story, Ah Nya is a woman who had pregnant with her boyfriend before getting married. The issue that she had is the view of the society, just because she us a female, she got all the blame from her pregnancy. In our society today, there are many situations like Ah Nya happens to the teenagers. ‘The Great Injustice’ can give a lot of lessons about life to my future students. If they learn the story, they will know what to do and what kind of things that can be avoided in their life. Thank You.

    Honor and Respect,
    Mohd Hasif

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  73. This is the last respond that need to be done.
    First, the short story that I feel my future students will benefit the most is “THE JOURNEY” by Catherine Lim. The reason why I say so is because this short story will develop the social issues which can relate to our life. In short story, the protagonist, Richard who is far poorer than now where he is a young and successful business man. Although he is rich enough to own everything he wants yet he still take good care of his family and even his grandmother, mother and aunt who still live far from him. He sent them money every month and make sure they have enough money to spend on. He never forgets his roots as what we need to imply in our future students’ mind set. Family is our most pleasure treasure and we should let our students understand that we have to take the responsibility to take care of our parents when they are old. Our parents never give up of getting what we want when we are young as so we need to care about them as well.
    Secondly, Richard also shows the good moral value of never give up when he learn through his report of going to die soon. Students have to realize that there is nothing is definitely. We do not know what will happen tomorrow or the next moment. This world has too much of uncertainty. Yet, we still need to live or life to the fullness as we would not be disappointed when we cannot do something one day. So, students need to understand and practices the value of appreciates what he have today and help anyone we love. Remember, we are all human. Human does not have the power of second life. Appreciate the life or ruin it.

    At last, I would like to thanks Miss Dzeelfa who had lead us to understand all of the short story that being taught by her. Thanks to your teaching and also forgive us if we had done something unpleasant during the class lesson. All the best of Final to all my classmate.


  74. Salam and hi everyone :)

    Among all short stories that I've learned in this course, I think the one which will benefit my students the most might be The Great Injustice. This story is in our cultural context which relates to my teenage students who are still immature and i can say, still confused in finding what's right for them. If there is no guide, they might experience same thing like Ah Nya did which getting pregnant and being condemned by the society. Thus, by teaching them this story, they will learn the moral values of it and do not do the same thing like Ah Nya. We live in a collectivist society and therefore anything that we do will be taken into consideration no matter what. so, students should be able to understand that and hopefully will be good persons not only for the society but most importantly, for themselves. That's what I think about this story.

    Miss Dzeelfa, I'm glad to be in your interesting class, learning short stories, preparing lesson activities and many more. Thank you and I'm really sorry for this always very late reply. :b

    Nur Anis Mohd Rohaimi

  75. hello everyone...
    through this semester, i've learned a lot of new short stories. the most beneficial short story that i might introduce for my students is Paul's Case. in this story, we can see that Paul's behavior had makes his own life difficult as he has a fantasy and dreams to live in american, based on this story. my students could learn on how to be realistic in their life and think rationally without making any hasty and ridiculous decision as this will affect their whole life. from this story also, students can learn about to be obedient to their parents as their life is under their a nutshell, this story has a lot of moral value that students should study on it and they might refer to this story before making a decision in life.
    that's all.
    Asnira Asri

  76. I always know that short stories are useful tools for me to learn more about life. Why so? It is so because for me I believe that story writers write stories mostly based on events that happened to or around them, before they turn it into pieces of literature.
    Throughout the whole semester we’ve learned many, just too many short stories if we would want to recall them back. Some are light and easy to understand, but some might be too twisted and puzzled for one to comprehensively keep it in his mind storage. As my current liking, the short story A Great injustice and Ernest Hemingway’s The Hills like White Elephants teach me a lot about men and women. We all know that men and women have been living together since the existence of Adam and Eve. Basically, what I would teach to my students is how male students should not become like Steven and American Guy in A Great injustice and The Hills like White Elephants respectively. I will relate it to them by making them understand that a man’s role is to play the leading part in a relationship, whereby a male should be guiding his counterpart, the female. Of course, the female ones too, should be informed that if they ever encountered the kind Steven and American Guy in their lives, leave them. Okay. So that’s all in a brief way. Have a good day people! Yahoo!


  77. Nurul Hakimin binti Azizi 146008

    When i become a teacher, i want my students to really know in depth about the story The Great Injustice. this is because the story relates to our society so much that we can get to feel Ah Nya's feelings at the moment. being a teenager is not easy. if we were to directly give them advise, i dont think the students would want to listen to me. but by teaching them this story, they will indirectly understand the meaning that i want to convey to them. that is in understand the boundaries in loving someone. it is important for them to learn to love themselves first before giving their all to a stranger. it is also for them to appreciate their parents hardship in raising them and thus learn about the society that they are living in currently.

  78. Greetings! :)
    Short stories are one of the best forms that could give benefits to students when they learning the stories in class.
    Basically,short stories are preferred because they are only few pages long(which woould enable students to read them within an hour or less) and easy to understand as the language would usually be easy to be understood.
    Stories which are near to students' settings are the best to touch my future students' heart.
    How can these be achieved?
    Firstly,students should have a great interest in reading the stories themselves and being able to understand the storyline.
    Then, in the classroom, teacher should come up with activities which would allow students to think about the values that can be put into practice.
    Teacher should also discuss the stories in the class so that students would be able to visualize the story better.
    The story that i can think of now is 'The Journey' by Catherine Lim.The settings of the story is the local seetings about the typical village life and the the modern life which is almost similar to Malaysia.The story1is about the how a child should appreciate his family though he has became rich later on in his life.This would be a very good lesson that the students should practice in their life beacuse it is an very significant Asian value.

    Name: Guhaneswwari S.Sivasharen
    Matrix No.: 150150

  79. hello everyone !!!!
    for me , my future student will get many lesson from the short stories that they will learn . the best short story that i think can give them lesson is A Great Injustice by Heah Chwee Sian . when they read this story , they will be aware of what thay want to do in their life . falling in love is normal to everyone , but they have to remember do not do something that can embarrass themselves and their family . this story can make them understand that even how much we love our partner , we cannot easily trust them at all . this story will give many lesson to my future student on what they can do in their life and they have to avoid to do something to make their life perfect .


  80. for me, a great injustice will be the most suitable story that will lead my students to think wisely about what to do and what not to do in their life. love is the most dangerous and complicated thing that will appear in our life, especially teenagers. as a teacher, i will not stop them to feel the love, but i will help them not to be trapped by love. just like ah nya, she was fooled by love until she got pregnant but at last, that guy ignored her.